Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pox Arcanum Guidelines


Pox Arcanum is a guild of bloggers (and friends) coming together with a slightly different approach to the game. We're composed of static teams of players that plan to progress through all the game content together.

=The Basics=

- When you join Pox Arcanum, your toon will become part of a team.

- Each team will be composed of 3-5 members.

- By joining a team, you're committing to playing with your team at least once a week. (If the whole team wishes to meet more often, that's great.)

- If your team has not fully formed yet, go ahead and decide what class you'd like to play, add yourself to the spreadsheet, and level up your toon to 10. Our experience so far has been that once a couple people in the group decide what class they want to play, the folks joining later will fill out the remaining roles appropriately. (If you want to try a very specific concept, such as all one class, all one race, etc, it is best to get a commitment from other potential team members before putting time into the toon.)

- As soon as you've reached 12, please stop questing and leveling and wait for the rest of your team to level to 12.

- Once everyone on your team is ready to go... Go! Play and enjoy, and if you have a blog, please post about your adventures. We also set you up with access to the common blog if you'd like to share things there.


We made a decision early on to be self-sufficient as a guild. This means that any money that goes toward your Poxer or Pox Arcanum should be made by your Poxer. In other words, no farmer alts, server-transferred sugardaddies, or the like. If you're going to farm, do so with your Poxer. If you choose to have a bank alt, understand that they should be in no way leveling or gaining resources for your Pox toons.

Also, keep in mind that your fellow Poxers are there to help you, so if you find yourself in need of something, don't hesitate to ask. Poxers should never sell items or services to other members of the guild.


As mentioned above, no farmer alts are allowed. If you adore the Anvilmar server and wish to create non-Pox toons on it, that's fine, but please do not transfer any funds or materials (for crafting professions or anything else) from non-Poxers to your Poxer toons. If you feel you need a bank alt, please let Trifendolden know in game and he'll add it to the guild.

If you wish to have more than one leveling toon in the guild, you can petition** to do so, but the new toon must be part of an active team (not leveling individually).

**And by petition, we mean let us know your specific plans for the new toon. Regular guilds allow members to add as many alts as they'd like and do with them whatever they'd like, but we're more focused here. People associated with Pox Arcanum typically only have one actively leveling toon that is part of the guild.

If a new team is forming, and you feel you have time to play regularly with a second group, you can ask to have another alt added to the guild. Such alts will be permitted for folks who have shown to be a reliable member of a stable, existing team. Sometimes teams fall apart due to scheduling circumstances and that can't be helped, but we don't want anyone to be distracted from their primary Poxer team efforts. After all, we're all alt addicts at heart, right? :)


Rolling for loot is simplified quite a bit by the fact that we're not all trying to outfit alts. Also, don't you want your tank to have that really sweet hat that dropped if it will help them tank better?

Most teams go with this set-up (though perhaps with some variation):

Pass (if you don't want to carry it) or Greed for any bind-on-equip (BoE) items.
Need for BoE's that will be an upgrade for you.
Pass and discuss for bind-on-pickup (BoP) items.

The greens that get greeded very often get deposited right into the guild bank after a run, so greed rolling those is mostly to make sure nobody's inventory is overflowing. So far, most teams have one enchanter, too, that can disenchant BoP items that nobody needs. Very likely, that same person will be doing all the enchants for the team, too, so we don't tend to bother with shard rolls.

=Playing Solo, Yay or Nay?=

With few exceptions, the answer is Nay, you should not be out in Azeroth without your group. The point of Pox Arcanum is static group play, so you should question anything you're doing outside of your group, and consider carefully whether you should be doing it.

If you are on your main Pox toon, working on your gathering profession (without gaining any experience, as described above), fishing, or traveling to your group's next destination if it has been determined that you should do this, then this is well in keeping with the spirit of the Pox. Anything else is questionable... feel free to ask questions if you're unsure.



1. I'm still waiting for my team to form. What should I do?

Go fishing! This is the way that most of us were biding our time until our teammates were ready. It's a great way to make money, though be careful not the flood the markets you're exploiting.

You can also level your professions and do any gathering that won't cause you to level. Be mindful of XP from exploration, try to avoid nodes with mobs around them, and if you're a skinner, be sure the boars that you're killing are gray and not green.

Feel free to recruit a bit to fill out your team, too. Mention it in your blog or to your friends on your main server.

2. The rest of my team isn't on, but I REALLY want to play. Can I pleeeeease level without them?

No! If you want to hang out on Anvilmar, grab your fishing pole and go to Ratchet, go gathering, or check the AH for some nice items to flip.

We know it's all shiny and new and you're anxious to play, but once folks start leveling outside of their teams, Pox Arcanum becomes an ordinary guild. We don't want that, do we? :)

3. We're a team of 5 and only 4 of us are here. Can we go ahead and run without out our 5th person?

This is up to the team. Some teams have decided to play only if all five are present, so if one person can't make it, the run is canceled. Others will go ahead and run without the missing person, but all this should be agreed upon before the team starts playing together. Some people have specifically joined this project to play and level exclusively with a static team, so they'll be very sad to be left behind.

4. We're a team of 5 and only 4 of us are here. Can we ask another available Poxer to join us for the session?

Please don't. The other Poxer may be tempted and this could put them in an awkward position with the rest of their team. Again, mixing and matching with random folks would make us not much different than a regular guild. It will be better to run one man short than to ask for a replacement.

5. We are a partially formed team. We have 4 people and are waiting for a 5th to join. Can we go ahead and get started, and the 5th person can just catch up with us?

If your plan is to have a team of 5, then please wait for a 5th person to join. Otherwise, the new member of the team will have to spend extra time solo-leveling to catch up with you, the rest of the group will have to stop what they're doing to wait for the 5th person to catch up, and all this is frustrating for everyone. If you would prefer to proceed as a team of 4, you may go ahead and get started, but please don't plan on recruiting a 5th person.

6. We'll level much more efficiently if we solo. Can I play my Pox character solo?

Again, please don't. This defeats the purpose of Pox Arcanum. The goal here is not to level speedily through the game or create an uber-character outfitted with all the phattest gear. (That's what we do on our main realms with our main toons.) We're here to enjoy the game in a different way: playing through the content with an unchanging (and possibly experimental) team composition and progressing together. Any Pox Arcanum-associated toon should be part of a single, stable leveling group, and not be leveling independently outside their group.

7. It's an in-game holiday. Can I take my Pox toon out to do the holiday quests while my group isn't there?

This depends both on the holiday and on your team. Many of the holiday events involve quests that give you experience upon completion. Any of these should only be completed either with your team present, or, at the very least, with their blessing. Some holiday quests also just give you money. Please chat with your team about these holidays, and if everyone agrees, team members can complete these quests at their leisure. Again, we ask that bank alts not do any questing, leveling, or gain resources in any way, so they should not be participating in holiday events period.

8. I love the battlegrounds. Can I also take my Pox toon into the BGs to kill Alliance?

If your whole Pox team wishes to take to the battlegrounds to kill the Alliance, then charrrge! For the Horde!!

If you want to take your Pox toon into the BGs when the rest of your team isn't on ... this is a bit of a gray area. In keeping with the original vision of Pox Arcanum, I would say no, first because BGs are essentially pick-up groups (and Pox Arcanum is the anti-pug, right?), and second because this would be playing and developing your character in the absence of the rest of your team. Technically, you would be doing this without gaining levels, however, if you didn't do any BG-specific quests for experience. So, we will leave this decision to the individual teams as to whether their members can participate in the battlegrounds when the rest of the team isn't on. Please read #9 before you queue for the BGs though...

9. Boy, you guys sure have a lot of rules. Why so restrictive?

The idea behind Pox Arcanum was really simple: level up a single toon, playing through the content exclusively with a static group of friends. This is the vision the founders had for Pox Arcanum, and we try to keep everything working within the spirit of this. Because many of the things players are accustomed to doing with their other toons naturally fall outside of this, we find ourselves telling people "no, please don't do that" a lot.

It's the restrictiveness, however, that's potentially going to offer you a very different experience than you'll have on a regular server with a regular guild. Your toons, working together from wee level 10's, will spend their first talent points together and help each other kill their first elites. You'll watch each teammate learn their class, see their skills grow stronger as they level, and together celebrate the benchmark levels where you'll all get your class-defining skills. You'll look back fondly at the time one of you fell into the lava in RFC or had a pet run astray and pull the entire room upon your party's heads. You'll get your mounts together, and maybe even some day walk through the Dark Portal together.

Our best advice is to approach Pox Arcanum thinking about this group experience you can potentially have. Always consider your group before your individual toon. Set aside the desire to play right this very moment, and instead, look forward to what your entire group will do next time you meet and make plans. Forget any preconceived notions you have about the speed with which you should level, or the frequency with which you normally like to play a character. Someone remarked in a response to a Pox-related blog post that this kind of grouping experience is probably the closest thing to a pen and paper game that you can have in WoW. If you talk to old school D&D players, they'll tell you about campaigns that went on for years, their play groups only meeting once a week or once a month, at times. Their adventures still felt epic, however, moreso because they were experienced as a group that was, in essence, creating a history for itself. THAT is what we're going for here. :)

10. Is it fun?

Heck yeah. Our roster lists our active members, with links to their blogs. We often post about our adventures if you'd like to see what we're up to.


(Sorry for the business post in the middle of all the fun stuff, but I wanted to get this down somewhere, all in one place. This was hammered out with the assistance of some of the other founding folk. Please let me know if you see any glaring errors up there, or if you think of other issues that should be clarified.)

[27-Mar-08: originally posted]
[02-July-08: modified rules, added to FAQ]

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Farewell, Goodbye, Au revoir, Hasta la vista

I am super sad to leave the Pox behind me, but I thought I'd share my experience in this experiment.

WoW is an amazingly diverse game, in terms of its offerings for both the dedicated and casual player. I played with the Green pox for a handful of hours each week, one day each week, and at the end of it, I could look back and point at milestones in the game, itself that were meaningful to me.

The game does a great job of allowing you to accomplish as much as you can, in whatever chunks of time you have to give. During the last two weeks of Pox running, I asked myself "If this were all I did in WoW, would I still pay $15 a month for it" and surprised myself with a resounding


Naturally, a great deal of the fun to be had in a game like WoW is the social aspect - and the Poxers are a great bunch of folks; but even that aside, any casual gamer should be able to enjoy themselves by playing just a few hours a week, even if they solo!

Learning new personalities, how to deal with them and get along with them, is always tricky for me; and Green Pox was no exception. Much of my difficulty can be squarely attributed to my own strange sense of humor and social awkwardness, but after being in a 'close knit' guild of a hundred or so people for the last few years, it was refreshing to be tickled with the problems of a 5 person community, and see each poxer come to life as they discovered their niches in our micro-pack.

It was exciting to see scheduling, forming agendas, formulating strategies to suite our play styles and the constant give and take of any team game boiled down to its bare essentials (or was that bear essentials?).

On the whole, I will remember my part of the Pox experiment with fondness as I continue my virtual life in WoW, and my only regret is that I don't have the time to continue conquering Azeroth with my new friends.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Reasons I heart the Pox Experiment

So, another analysis/commentary on another run is NOT on my list of things I want to read about. Harisan posted a nice rundown of what went on last night, so go read...go on...

Back? Good. I'm going to start writing a list and see where it goes...

1. Can a group of level 17 toons take on Wailing Caverns, finish it in 3 hours, have only one wipe, and kill all the bosses with the exception of the escort? You bet your sweet patootie! We all dinged 18 inside the instance, so technically, we weren't 17 for the whole thing. 8~P

2. Is it a joy and a thrill to run with people who may still be learning their character, but have a firm grasp of group dynamics and a sincere desire to do the best they can? Whoooeee BOY, it is!! We all had some noob mistakes, but the group either recovered nicely or it just wasn't an issue.

3. Has anyone else just noticed how beautiful WC is? I have never taken the time to look around before, and I was amazed at the beauty found just in the rock formations and colors.

4. Most people would agree that WC and Deadmines are equivalent semi-faction specific instances. So, why is WC soooooooo much better as far as design, quests, and layout? We took the traditional route of killing bosses, but could have just as easily made our way to the last bosses before the first one or the one to the left. Deadmines requires you to fight each and every boss to progress to the next one - with Cookie being the only optional one.

5. Turion, the Pally Tank that I run with has me lovin' some Pally tanking. Harisan has only solidified that in my mind; she's awesome!! She would regularly take on two mobs at a time, and those mobs were GLUED to her! Phfffft, no real good tanking tools for lower level Pallys? I beg to differ!

6. Verdan the Everliving hits like a truck! This was the only fight where Harisan's life was in danger. I actually used some cancel healing methods to keep her alive and preserve mana for the entire fight. Our DPS really stepped it up and smooshed him before I ran out of mana.

7. Bugged mobs wipe groups. We saw an ectoplasm dude get marked by Harisan and then drop through the floor. "Did you guys just see that??" We took the shortcut anyways, and the thing rounded up approximately half the instance and came back for us. I'm not sure how many mobs there were, but there were a crap load!

8. Daxe has some sort of script running that automatically wins rolls. Turion is convinced of it, and now the Purple Poxers are suspecting the same. Erm, huh? Nothing to see here...

9. It's 2:30 pm eastern time and that's quittin' time for me.

My Infamous Ding

For Wara and other non-believers out there:

Here's where I ended up last night after turning in the WC quests I'd completed. Just BARELY dinged 19. Woot! This means I can scour the Auction House for upgrades between now and then, and actually be able to equip them before the next run.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WoWCraft 2

WoWCraft 2 is live! Come see it at my blog!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yellow Pox makes the Caverns Wail

Howdy folks,

Yellow Pox tried out Wailing Caverns for the first time this past Thursday night. And because I promised, there is a comic (more on that later). But first....

I'd like to humbly thank my fellow Yellows for helping this noob out. I love the game but I haven't got all the details shmetails down yet. Demo kindly let me know that laying down a mute magic against raptors when she was trying to heal was not the most efficient use of mana on my part (/facepalm) And Lazz, in his gentle way, told me that maybe I'd like to hold off on the fireballs until after he'd gotten some aggro on the mob. that why they come running at me???

And second....oh gosh, we had the coolest fight and I'm not sure I can do it justice. But here goes....

We were on a path in WC. Killing a raptor here, laying a smack down on Druid of the Fang there. Easy peasy. And then as we rounded a curve, two raptors started running towards us. We fought them. A third came running up. What???? We battle it. Then a crocodile comes up the path at us. are we aggroing this crowd of WC pain? No clue. Lots of "what the f?" in party chat. There may have been one more raptor that snuck into the mix. But we battled hard. Fuller went down. Blackmyst went down. Lazz went down. But we didn't all die. And at the end, Demo was there to rez and we had a pile of dead raptors and crocodiles at our feet.

The post-battle picture:

The post-battle conversation:

And since, Daxe has led the way towards blog plugging: here's the next Yellow Pox comic.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dax shamelessly pumps up his blog's hits

Yes, that's right: I wrote up Purple's adventures from last night on my blog. You'll have to go there to read it. I fully expect my hits for today to double from 3 to 6! Yesssssssss, I am SO clever!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comic Book Heroes

Lazz the Tank, Old Man Fuller, Blackmyst the PvP Flagged, and Bag O' Bones Rabbit don their capes and exercise their right to be superheroes:

Black and Blue ALL over...

As in, in pain.

Wow we certainly did get a response did we not? I thank all of those that went ahead and signed up and I promise that a fun time is to be had by all. I'm sitting at level 12 on wait for the rest of the group. I might hit the lucky 13 mark just so I am RFC ready but otherwise I'll be culling mats for pots for the guild itself.

Also I got antsy last night and built a Rogue, Lubacca. Please add him to your friends as he is going to need an invite and he'll be my "I don't want to deal with my OTHER guild" toon.

Since he's an alt....can he just be leveled or do I have to be good and stay within shouting distance of the guild? LoL Questions! Questions! Questions!

Be there tomorrow!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Howling Terror

So our recent signup attempt has been as scattered as a Alliance group scattered by a well placed Howl of Terror.(In terms of us responding back to the applicants...the signupsheet simplified things greatly for those applying). At least I think so. So here is an update:

So far our new blue and blacks are:
Inciendo(not new but yeah).
Scaryscience(level 15)

Now if you haven't gone to our spreadsheet and filled out your availability and class etc please do. Our signup sheet was mostly so that we could add you to the spreadsheet so you could update it. (Again I think).

Sorry about sounding so unorganized but due to our Cell-based structure there isn't a -lot- of coordination outside of the group(cell) you are in.

Blue and black are very loose at the moment. Once everyone's availabilities are in we'll group everyone according to time and availability and see where we stand. We may end up with two groups of four or one 5 and a three. If at all possible please try to be on this wednesday and we'll try and finalize the groups then.

*stares off into the nether that exists beetween the cells and yells*
Hopefully I'm not bumping anyone elses work on the issue. Just trying to do a summary based on the results of the signup sheet and what I've seen in comments and on the spreadsheet.

Pulled from comments we have some input from Abuto:

1) Direct new people to the signup spreadsheet. (That's the spreadsheet for our new "applicants" where they fill out a form.)

2) I get automatic updates when people add to the signup sheet.

3) I get the email addy's and names of the new people and add them to the [poxic] Google Group and give them access to the coordination spreadsheet. (That's the spreadsheet where we break everyone up into the colored groups.)

4) All new members will get emails that they have been invited to both the Google group and the coordination spreadsheet.

5) At that point, it's up to the new people to act on their membership -- i.e., fill in their time availability, communicate to the group, contact us on Anvilmar to be added to the group, etc.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Green Night at the Chasm

The Green Poxed team "rocked the chasm'bah" last night!  Mostly I just took a bunch of photos.  My only write up will be that it was awesome to kick arse and take names in RFC without one single wipe.  I think we all leveled up from 12 to 14 or 15 on the way through (or turning in quests afterwards).  As has been rumored, Abuto did get a blue!


I had fun but I'm still getting the hang of the melee/rogue thing.  As rumored, I did pull aggro a few times and felt very bad about it.  But I tried to make up for it by grabbing mobs who tried to attack the clothies while Trif was managing the rest.  I had completely forgotten about my new Sap ability, and I didn't use stealth at all.  I'm not sure we needed it, but I felt foolish for not even letting everyone know.  My new sword prevented me from doing backstabs but nicely made up for it with damage.

Trif's an awesome tank and leader.  Between him and the healers, it's not surprising we never wiped.  When I screwed up a few times (oh, I dunno, 23 times??) and pulled aggro (I really need to get Omen), I just jogged around Trif and he picked it back up easily.  He is a god among... bears?  Cows?  Cowbears?

Raaksi healed so well I hardly saw my health bar waver, even when I pulled aggro like a bad, bad rogue.  Having played a shammy most of my WoW life, I always thought my totems were underrated by party members.  Now I KNOW it's true because I can very much tell the difference between being a rogue with totems and a rogue without them.  All hail totemosity!

Wulfa brought the thunder with bolts, smites and swaying hips.  She also kept me healed when Raa was otherwise occupied with those crazy tanks.  I only once worried about my health -- and that was my own fault for pulling aggro.  Plus, I got to use some bandages for a change!

Team Elips is unbelievable.  Not only bringing the humor and the Biznar, but Thwack the Blueberry (can't get his name right) is the most awesome off-tank I've ever been around.  I swear he would glom onto one dude while Trif held the others and we could TOTALLY forget Thwack's mob while he kept him busy.  Sometimes I'd think we were all done and turn around to see the Blue Guy continuing his evil mesmerizing of the last mob.  Sometimes I was just tempted to watch him work.


We posed with the Troll king after Wulfa had her way with Thrall.  (I think Vol'jin was more into Abuto.)



Here's a shot of us lowbie 12-13s standing in a pool of 6 dead level 15 elite troggs who ambushed us.  Total devastation.

6 dead troggs


Elips, the Optimistic Dead Guy.

corpse half full


Elips is also a fine upstanding member of the demon Auto Club.



Some very amusing conversation while the killing ensued.

for pony


After getting his fill from a bit of corpse eating, Wulfa pouted.  I think Elips misunderstood her disappointment.

gonna eat that2

gonna eat that 


Another silhouette shot from the same place last time (remember "pensive and cowish"?) but this time, we were a bit less apprehensive.



Totems do have ambiguous names.



Our dance party after clearing the instance.  Trif's got dope moves.

rfc cleared


On our way out, Trif moons me.


Some stories

Wulfa's account is up. Unfortunately I hosed her first really well done account so she had to write another(also well done but with different content).

Last night was really fun. It was crazy how much a difference two levels made. At level 11 we wiped twice and everything was dreadfully dangerious. At level 13 we easily handled 6-8 elites at a time and only once came close to dying when our druid tank couldn't remember how to get back into bear form for the first half of a fight.

I really wish I could write here about what/how Abuto/Wulfa/Elips did. But I honestly only remember that mobs would -justdie-. I was franticly trying to hold agro on 4-5 mobs and stay within range of Raaksi's totems. Party chat flew by and my world was a frenzy of shouting between myself(in the study) and Raaksi(in the living room).

"Why can't you stay within range of the totem!?"

"Dood I have to get close to the enemy casters!"

I've always known that tanks were a 'little bit' busy with stuff... but wow... if you get past two mobs all of a sudden you don't even SEE the rest of your party... you are swapping and growling and biting(or whatever my ability is called). My dps did a good job of not grabbing agro. My healers did too usually. Growl has an absurdly short range that I slowly realized(I thought for a long time that it was broken or needing rage or something).

Oh one thing I did notice: Abuto can when she wants to dump a TON of agro causing damage on a mob. They'd spin to hit her... I'd hopefully growl them back... life was great.

I am still learning a ton. Last night I wanted to keep a big sign over my head that said "sorry about that bad pull/growl/agro/add". But bear tank is -wow- fun. And my crew is great.

Oh and another thing... I laughed so hard:

[Deadrabbit signs in]
Abuto: RABBIT!
Wulfa: RABBIT!
Trifendolden: RABBIT!
Elips: DEAD!
Raaksi: RABBIT!

And Just like that....

I might not be alone anymore!

Went onto Incendio last night and leveled her to 12. I was impressed to see ten members of the Pox on at the same time, both groups cleared RFC with relative ease.

I managed to get my faction favor up to friendly with the Trolls so that mount is looking closer and closer.

However the highlight has been that the call for more Pox has been answered by several people and I have to thank anyone that answered the call for more players to hang out with this black sheep!

To the Pox!

Purple Pwns RFC

I don't want to make this the "official" write-up of the night, since it's not nearly as entertaining as some of you guys can do. But, my version is posted here. Also, since I did start a new blog this week, there's a very brief overview of last week as well, so as not to confuse my HUNDREDS of loyal readers.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Color me...what?

Due to unforeseen circumstances I'd been unable to participate in any type of poxie games and when I come back I find out that Black....well Black's gone.

So, where do I turn?



Fuller's Old Man Instance List

I'm gettin' to be an old Orc*. My beard's got more gray than a vendor-trash item. So when we headed on our trip to the Ragefire Chasm the other night, there were a few things I forgot to do first. I thought I'd make a list to help me remember.

  • Unload. My pockets were never full-ta-bursting, but I realized I was runnin' the whole instance with my Strong Fishing Pole in my bag. That's just not what an efficient Orc does. Any unnecessary stuff can go in the bank.
  • Gear up. With Demotail callin' in sick (maybe that Troll Voodoo's not always good for what ails ya), I was on healing duty that night. I realize that, at level 12, there's not alot of great +int gear, but if I'm in charge of keeping the group alive, I need to be in my best.
  • Be enchanting. Or enchanted. Whatever. Same thing with the gear, I need to make sure I have the best enchants before I go on another trip like that.
  • Bring snacks. Trips like this make an Orc hungry. And there's nothing I like better than some Smoked Sagefish, for all my mana buffs. This is something I managed not to forget; I'll try to keep it that way.
  • Bring drinks. I completely forgot to bring my umpteen stacks of potions with me. Probably would have helped on those times when I went out of mana.
  • Keep it under wraps. I did bring Bandages, though. Could have spent a little time in upgrading my First Aid skill, for better bandages, but there were times where I was grateful I even had the ones I did.
  • Moral Support. Deadrabbit had this on lock. Those squirrels ain't edible, but they make up for it in fun.

Anyways, I thought that if I wrote it down, it'd help me to remember for next time.

*Shawn, who plays Fuller, is not old. Unless you're his 6-year-old sister. Then he's "Ooooooold".

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ragefire Chasm: Yellow's living room

ORGRIMMAR--Offense carried the Yellow Poxless to a decisive victory against the Ragefire Chasms Tuesday night. The Yellow Poxless started this game with a surprising injury: their star healer, Demotail, was benched for the night. However, Yellow was not daunted but decided to win this one, "for the Tail!" Also exciting was an infusion of young talent: Fuller and Blackmyst were recuited mid-season and were first seen out on the playing field Tuesday.

The line-up: Lazz as main tank, Blackmyst as off-tank/off-healer, Fuller as healer/CC and Rabbit as CC/DPS. The Ragefire Chasms did not take their opponents seriously. They first sent their bench-sitters out against the Yellows: snakes, elementals, troggs. The bench-sitters were soon convinced that they should have sat this game out.

The varsity team initially shook the Yellows. Knocked 'em out. Time-out was called and the coach asked the Yellows if they remembered why they were out there? Did they want to be called Yella or YELLOW!!?? The team came out ready to avenge the wipe and did so with gusto:

The next serious competition for the Yellows was a ringer: some steriod-using monster called the Hungerer. He had a nasty upper cut. Lazz and Blackmyst both took one directly on the chin. But the Hungerer was a one-note, over-muscled wonder. Down he went and the Yellow offense pushed forward:
The Ragefire Chasms defense prepared to dig in and stop the momentum of the Yellows. As the two teams faced each other, there was quite a bit of smack talk from the Ragefires. Fuller, the Yellow's Shaman, says "Oh yeah, they called me 'puke green', my girl Rabbit 'a bag of bones' and my two boys, Blackmyst and Lazz ,"a bunch of punk-a$$ teddy bears." We stuffed those words right back down their throats""
The final quarter proved that the Ragefires just didn't have the energy or commitment to finish the game. The Yellows steamrolled over the team:
The pundits had said that Ballazan would prove troublesome to the Yellows. The Yellows replied with a resounding "Ballazan does our dishes!"

Final Score: Yellow Poxless Wins, Ragefire Chasm Cleared

(*the Mechanical Squirrels, the Yellow Poxless cheerleading team, would like to ask that the fans stop objectifying them. "Stop staring at our tails. Yes, we are cute. Yes, we are fuzzy. Now get over it! We are here to cheer, not for you to leer!")

Yellow Clears RFC--but first....

Oh yeah, yeah...we cleared RFC....but check out this purty art shot....Lazz all up in an Orc's junk, the blade at his throat, Blackmyst ripping up the backside....and a bored and disinterested squirrel.