Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Green Night at the Chasm

The Green Poxed team "rocked the chasm'bah" last night!  Mostly I just took a bunch of photos.  My only write up will be that it was awesome to kick arse and take names in RFC without one single wipe.  I think we all leveled up from 12 to 14 or 15 on the way through (or turning in quests afterwards).  As has been rumored, Abuto did get a blue!


I had fun but I'm still getting the hang of the melee/rogue thing.  As rumored, I did pull aggro a few times and felt very bad about it.  But I tried to make up for it by grabbing mobs who tried to attack the clothies while Trif was managing the rest.  I had completely forgotten about my new Sap ability, and I didn't use stealth at all.  I'm not sure we needed it, but I felt foolish for not even letting everyone know.  My new sword prevented me from doing backstabs but nicely made up for it with damage.

Trif's an awesome tank and leader.  Between him and the healers, it's not surprising we never wiped.  When I screwed up a few times (oh, I dunno, 23 times??) and pulled aggro (I really need to get Omen), I just jogged around Trif and he picked it back up easily.  He is a god among... bears?  Cows?  Cowbears?

Raaksi healed so well I hardly saw my health bar waver, even when I pulled aggro like a bad, bad rogue.  Having played a shammy most of my WoW life, I always thought my totems were underrated by party members.  Now I KNOW it's true because I can very much tell the difference between being a rogue with totems and a rogue without them.  All hail totemosity!

Wulfa brought the thunder with bolts, smites and swaying hips.  She also kept me healed when Raa was otherwise occupied with those crazy tanks.  I only once worried about my health -- and that was my own fault for pulling aggro.  Plus, I got to use some bandages for a change!

Team Elips is unbelievable.  Not only bringing the humor and the Biznar, but Thwack the Blueberry (can't get his name right) is the most awesome off-tank I've ever been around.  I swear he would glom onto one dude while Trif held the others and we could TOTALLY forget Thwack's mob while he kept him busy.  Sometimes I'd think we were all done and turn around to see the Blue Guy continuing his evil mesmerizing of the last mob.  Sometimes I was just tempted to watch him work.


We posed with the Troll king after Wulfa had her way with Thrall.  (I think Vol'jin was more into Abuto.)



Here's a shot of us lowbie 12-13s standing in a pool of 6 dead level 15 elite troggs who ambushed us.  Total devastation.

6 dead troggs


Elips, the Optimistic Dead Guy.

corpse half full


Elips is also a fine upstanding member of the demon Auto Club.



Some very amusing conversation while the killing ensued.

for pony


After getting his fill from a bit of corpse eating, Wulfa pouted.  I think Elips misunderstood her disappointment.

gonna eat that2

gonna eat that 


Another silhouette shot from the same place last time (remember "pensive and cowish"?) but this time, we were a bit less apprehensive.



Totems do have ambiguous names.



Our dance party after clearing the instance.  Trif's got dope moves.

rfc cleared


On our way out, Trif moons me.



Beowulfa said...

Oh, you made me laugh ... VERY humorous. Woot! for Abuto the Awesome Rogue!

Bruthah said...

Good times.

Rabbit Stew said...

hehehe...thanks Abuto....

that is a sweet looking blue you got.

Go Green!