Friday, August 8, 2008

White Poxmatic Does Gnomergan or "Lost Again"

White launched into Gnomergan via the "Beam me up, Scooty" transporter in Booty Bay. Othar & Uglyhawg were lost from the beginning because they had never gone in that way before and nothing looked familier. I think that feeling was widespread throughoout the group because our intrepid Tank, Melain, ably assisted by Nymea, killed every Trogg within sight or hearing, and we doubled back through some rooms once or twice. Although challanged geographicaly, we prevailed over all we met, with the exception of once being attacked from two directions at once by multible large groups of Dark Iron Dwarves and Mad Gnomes mounted on mechanical birds. I thought that we killed all those pesky Mobile Alert Robots ( Nymea was always rushing to quell them whenever they appeared) , but we might have missed one this time!
When at last we lined up against that diabolical genius Thermaplugg , we were ready to take on anything those Gnasty Gnomes could dish out - as Melain and Nymea, our twin BE Paladins, took on Thermaplugg and his minons (with a little help and a lot of squealing from Uglyhawg), Jaheal and Othar poured on the ranged healing and arrows respectively while the key role was played by our fleet-footed Mage, Fikkle, who dashed around in circles, hitting the buttons which kept Thermaplugg's Robot Bombs at bay (not one went off - thanks to Fikkle's efforts !).
Afther this triumph and a lot of wandering around trying to find a Dark Iron Dwarf Lord (never found him - not even sure he's there), we also accomplished an escort quest and re-sealed the tunnels from invading Troggs - helped by a friendly ( and very cute) Gnomish Demolition Expert. -- FIRE IN THE HOLE !! -- After all this excitement, Othar discovered that he had a grime-encrusted ring which started another quest (but only if you could get to the Clean Room to use the Sparklematic 5200). The only problem was that when he looked around to suggest this, everyone was gone! (even though their dots still appeared to be inside) So Othar & Uglyhawg ended the evening just as they had begun it - lost in Gnomeregan !