Friday, February 29, 2008

Who you callin' Yellow?

Who you callin' Yellow? Why Demotail, Lazz and DeadRabbit of course!!!

Yella to the core, people, to the core!!

All right, so here's the skinny on last night: we gathered in Orgrimmar at 6:30. And TJ was not only ready to go, she was RARING to go.

"Okay, let's move people...go, go, go!!!"

Needless to say, there was no lallygagging. Sergeant TJ had roused the troops and she wanted us battle-ready and pronto. Yes, ma'am!! While I was gathering a quest that TJ and Lazz already had, Lazz was downloading Skype and TJ was tapping her foot impatiently at the front of Org.

Honestly things moved so quickly, I'm not exactly sure what the names of the quests we did were. However, there's a bunch of harpies who were a little sloppy in their housekeeping. We took their bags and decimated them. That'll teach them to leave their valley messy. I have to admit: the *poof* of feathers when a harpy went down was pretty damn funny.

Speaking of housekeeping, I had just bought a new staff on the AH. It was about 15s but little did I know that I was buying a literal broom. I looked like the "surly charwoman come to clean up the Barrens"....
"what is that? A smudge on that rock???? grumble....messy whippersnappers." Not quite the imposing figure I wanted to cut. Oh well.

After that, we cut over to the Barrens. Where'd we go? People, I have no clue. Sergeant TJ kept us at a brisk march and the scenery was whipping by. However, we did get to hear a preview of the story hinted at here. Yup, Lazz and I know the story and you don't. Don't even try to pry it out of us: we are yellow!!

At some point, we were surrounded by quillboars. Actually that's not quite fair: we weren't actually "surrounded." We ran into their village and then decided to mess the place up. Kinda rude of us. And really, were they quillboars? I can't even say for was a bunch of bodies flying up in the air, dust, noise. Who knows? At some point in this stew, TJ was complained that we were too good (oh yes.../preen) and that she was just standing around. So Lazz gathered about 5 quillboars and a couple associated hunter's pets around him to stretch TJ's healing skillz. No worries folks: Lazz the aggro holding bear did not die.

What else? Lazz was praised for his vocabulary skills even though he had a penis. I was mocked for being 41 (I would have shown those two young'uns the backside of my hand...but my hip was acting up and my walker got stuck in a rock and I just couldn't catch 'em.....grumble....insolent kids!)

We went to turn in a quest at the Crossroads but the Alliance had killed the NPC. What to do? Dance, of course. Turned out to be a proper "rain dance" because up pops our NPC. Maybe he just wanted us to "please for the love of god, stop that horrible dancing!!!" /Shrug...He obviously didn't know good moves when he saw them.

Okay true confessions: at one point at the Crossroads, I was following the wrong Tauran around. I mean...come cow looks like another, right? /doh....but then I realized that the Tauran I was following had a very large turtle and Lazz is not a hunter. Oh noes. I apologized to Lazz but I don't think he's quite forgiven me. In fact, at one point, I was mining and he and TJ took off without me. I mean I've *apologized.* It was a need to leave me stranded in the desert. This is fair warning: do not diss the Lazz. He's suspiciously quiet about the whole matter in his post but I ain't buying that nonchalance. /grin

What else? oh, we killed a level 18 raptor no mess, no fuss.

EDIT: Silly Wabbit...a "z" is not an "x" wonder Lazz was ditching me...I was calling him Laxx /slap forehead a couple times

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Abuto's Tale

I wasn't sure if we were supposed to post our write-ups here since Dammy already wrote ours. So I put my story up on The Game Dame.

More Purple Poxing Pwnage

I posted my version of the night's events over on my blog. I also have screenshots of us all dancing when Ess got her bear form (happy bear!) and the infamous Thunderhead corpse. (Sorry you're not all in the picture, I cut out all the UI stuff aside from the icon showing he was a level 20.)

Thrall is thrilled

Thrall has been eagerly awaiting his first meeting with Daxe...oh, and he got to see the rest of the Purple Poxers.

And, sorry about changing the color for the last post; this one is much more readable on the black background.

Purple (PWNING) Poxers

Last night, after chomping through several bits, bridles, and small children, the Purple Poxers finally got together to start the Grand Experiment.

We gathered around the entrance to the Orgrimmar bank and were so excited.....we stood there.

"Whadda wanna do?"
"IDK, whadda u wanna do?"

Well, Daxe, who has a hard time sitting still when she's dead, finally took control of the group and started barking out orders.

"Wara, share those quests!"
"Anyone else have quests to share for RFC?"
"Harisan, those ca pries look fabulous!"

After a slue of quest sharing, we headed out to take care of some misguided sailors and marines just south of Razor Hill. These poor Alliance lackeys must have done something very bad to get this post, but we couldn't be bothered with such empathies...we had a job to do. Short story: We're all level 10. They're levels 6-7. This is soloable. We had 5 people. Pwnage to the ninth degree.

Uh, ok, finished quests and moved on to Quillboars. Second verse, same as the first. Only the levels were one higher...LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Turned in quests and headed to Crossroads. Ah, Barrens do I miss thee.
[1. General] [Chuck Norris]: How about a roundhouse kick to the head!!

On the way, we saw a pretty Zhevra that was level 12. Ooooo, let's kill it, was MY first reaction. So, Harisan tanked, and we spanked! Pwnage again.

Got the flight point at the Crossroads and headed down to Camp T and beyond for Madja's class quest. On the way, we saw a fierce Raptor. Level 14, this one was (red to a lvl 10).

"Hey, let's kill it!", giggled the priest. And, dutifully, Harisan made her way over to the skull I marked. This fight was a little more difficult in that I had to throw out one Lesser Heal in addition to keeping a Renew on her. Pwnage in their general direction!

Level 15 Hyena? Sure, let's eat it! It was during this fight that a very sad thing happened....I died. The fashion world was rocked to the core and held it's breath until I rezzed. And then breathed a collective sigh of relief at my choice to continue to provide high quality tailoring and accessorizing items to the world.

The hyena wasn't the problem, the centaur and two puppies that added were fatal to me. Thankfully, the group was able to dispatch the smelly things with me marking while dead. So, mostly Pwnage, with a side dish of peas (canned ones!).

After rebuffs, we continued on our merry way to Camp T, when the plucky priest espied a level 18 raptor. It took little convincing to get Harisan to take on this meanie. This fight was more difficult than the previous fights and different people drew aggro off her, but...we did it! Pwnage to the 25.6th degree.

I just noticed how long this post is...crap! FFW------>TB, Druid Bear Quest, lvl 20 Thunder Lizard = pwnage, Pwnage, PWNAGE!!!

And off to Org, run around, go into RFC just for a couple of pulls. pant, pant, pant. RFC, a mix of lvl 11's and 12's. Sounds like a wipefest. But after the first pull (lvl 13 elite) we knew we could totally do this! We proceeded to clear through the first large area with multiple mob pulls before I had to get to bed. We were downing lvl 15 elites and taking on three pulls of elites ranging from 13-15. I do believe next time we play, we'll be taking on the instance in its entirety.


Green Recriminations Leave No Room For Spelling

So I was very impressed with Thog-something-or-other and Biznar last night. They really rocked our world. Biznar was a mad dps machine with a healthy dose of pull-mobs-safely. He did this amazing solo pull where the skull was surrounded by 8 other highly agro mobs. Too bad he had to leave early after one particularly bad wipe. So Thogkldjflsk shows up to replace him... and yeah best OT I've ever had. He'd lock down his mob and keep him locked down until we had all the other elites burned down. We had him maintank the occasional level 16's while Raamah helped us speed burn down the level 13-14 ones. He(Thogwersedsds) was great. His friend Elips though needed to learn to pay more attention... all he did was dps and tell Thog what to do. Thog was doing fine without him thank you very much. But to avoid drama* I whispered Thog and told him that any time he wants to join Green Poxed he's in... we'll just boot Elips and be happy.

As for Abuto? I never saw her until Biznar left....then she shows up and starts pulling things. Granted she made a great puller and did a good job of not pulling more than we wanted but every fight she would dissapear and go stealth into the corner. Bad troll woman.

On a completely unrelated note every fight an odd debuff thing happened. As soon as Raamah had agro a flurry of blades and death ... would suddenly appear behind the mob. This was really helpful and I'm glad Blizz added this to make the instance go smoother.

Raamah did pretty good for a new tank. He held agro and kept me(the healer) safe. Too bad he needs to learn to stop dying. Seriously. The guy dies all the time. I was getting hurt a little and he ran up and pulled the mob off of me and while I'm sitting there deciding whether to use the healthstone or the mana potion first... he dies. He has so much to learn. Fortunately I decided to use the healthstone first as I still had about 60% mana and only had about 55% health at that point.

Oh and Wulfa? I'm the healer not you.. so stop healing the off tank..and the rogue...and the warlock. You are a shadow priest.. not a main priest(that would be me!)... use your wand or something... dps don't heal things!

I saved these things for the blog because I didn't want to tell them to their face how bad they were. I mean seriously ... we had to stop and regen after every other group of 3 level 15 elites. We were level 11 for goodness sake. Purple pox kills level 20's all the time at that level. /sigh Amatures.

If it wasn't for my awesomeness I don't know how I would survive.

Your welcome for the chance to listen to me,
Sumyerki the humble.

*Drama comes when you talk directly to the person causing the problem. The best way is to keep it to whispers behind their back and just 'hint' until they go away ;P


Now that he's done... I'd like to say that I had a TON of fun last night. We were able to work out the kinks and learn to work with little CC and lots of squishy. Wulfa has a cold and may not be posting for a bit but she told me she had a ton of fun as well. I wish I had a more specifics but last night the group rocked even with my mistakes on healing(Raa died 3 times... 2 times to GROSS healer neglect).

After the party ended I realized that I'm not using any of my normal buttons because I have DPS spells there... I will be dramaticly restructering what spells are on my bar. This should make healing more... instinctual.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

About the Guild

I thought it would be cool for readers to know how our guild breaks down ethnically and whatnot, so here's an image of our statistics. Looks like being a troll and being a rogue makes me a lonely soul, race and classwise. But every other -wise, I'm certainly not lacking for friends and homies!

First night out and painting the town Yellow

All right I'll give the re-cap the old college try:

The Yellow Poxers all arrived at Org 'bout six o' clock. Daxe, champion of the fashion challenged, rushed in to help Demotail. He said, and I quote, "oh good lord, you bought your clothes at WALMART." You could hear the horror in his voice. He had to be comforted. But he put Demo on a stool, took some measurements and had her looking flash in no time.

Laxx had gathered a piddling amount of quests to share. I kid. The boy had about twenty quests saved up. He was like a quest vending machine. Took about 5 minutes just to share them all. And more kudos for Laxx, the aggro-holding bear. I had never used the internal voice thing-a-ma-bob (that is the technical term for it, btw). But he kindly walked me though the process. Demo could tell that Laxx had a Canadian accent. I heard "bzzzzz.....Okay, let's...bzzzzz....go" (I didn't know that dialect of Canadian /shrug).

Before questing, Demo needed to "put a pill in a cat." I'm not sure if that is slang for something or some sort of arcane "tax season" phrase. But the pill was shoved in the kitty and we were good to go.

EDIT: It just occured to me: Was BRK the cat in question? Oh noes, I hope he took that pill without directing "massive quantities of sustained, ranged DPS" at TJ. Demotail, here's a helpful video for next time.

Our first quest was right outside Orgrimmar:
Hidden Enemies. This involved going into a cave and killing a bunch of orcs. So we wuz ready. Primed. We stepped in. We killed our first orc warlock. I tried to sheep the minion. Denied! Next orc warlock, I sheeped the warlock. Laxx clawed the purple petunia to shreds. Demo was a tall drink of healing priestly awesomness (um 100% awesomeness I've been told to relay). And then it happened. I tripped. My arms and legs went flailing. I fell backwards into a small pool. Yup. And then to add insult to injury, trying to jump back up to the ledge, I pulled some major aggro and wiped our group. First wipe, woot!

But I'm going to stand tall: there is now a signature move in the Yellow Poxers. When Laxx and Demo nearly fell off a ledge later on, they called it "pulling a Rabbit." I'm so *proud*!! (I will say in my defense, that as an undead, the joints are not connected real well...there's some rotting of ligaments...just saying, makes for some shaky footing).

Post-tripping and wiping, I had a kitchen sink pipe spring a leak. Here's how you know that you might be a wow addict. I actually considered letting the kitchen flood and keep on playing. I gave into reason though (which I might need to clarify: I logged off and fixed the leak. I promise: that was the reasonable thing to do).

Laxx and Demo two-manned the cave with style. When I came back from my plumbing emergency, it took awhile for all three of us to get the
Lieutenant's Insignia. By that point though we had a system and were cutting through mobs like a hot knife through butter. Sheep the warlock, kill the minion, healz....rinse and repeat. When everyone had an insignia, we called it a night.

Good Night Org....sleep better knowing that the Yellow Poxers were keeping the beasties at bay.

Edit: Laxx has a re-cap. Cool, let's see if our stories match up :-)

(Drum roll ....) Tonight is the Night!

So it's still early in the morning, I'm very groggy having spent part of the night dreaming about zombies and how they had started to take over the world, and I'm sooo excited to be playing tonight. RFC here we come! And somebody from the yellow team needs to document their experiences from last night .....

Update on my AH flipping: score! My greater magic essence sold for 7 gold (I bought it for a paltry sum of silver). Speaking of which we have two stacks of that in the guild bank .... Daxe you didn't make me rich, did you? 'Cause that's not the same, somehow .....

I also was wondering if we wanted to take some of the items in the bank tab and put them on the AH and deposit the money back into the guild .... we only have a few slots left. And I was thinking we should put one person in charge of that (if it was decided that it was a good idea) so we wouldn't get confused and pull out all of our resources ..... I nominate Daxe or Fuller, champion AH flippers!

So anyway, see ya'll tonight! (I steadfastly REFUSED to say ya'll when I was still in TX-I was a Virginian, dangnabbit! and we don't say that word-but now that I'm far away it's begun to creep into my vernacular ....)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Did this while idly waiting for people to actually answer their phone at work. For our four current poxes.

Award acceptance speech

I would like to thank the Orgrimmar Retailing Commission (ORC) for awarding me this year's Community Retailer/Advertiser Prize, and thank you for recognizing my premier place in the fashion world.

The addition of this CRAPPY to my many other awards, acknowledgments, prizes, first place ribbons, certificates, patents, and other trophies is truly an honor for you. Your good taste and standing has been noticed among the ultra elite tier of the fashion industry, and I, for one, am more than indifferent for you.

For several days now, Daxe Fifth Ave has striven to not only show Anvilmar that superior quality and affordability can go hand in hand, but also that Daxe, is without question, a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Oh, yes, the reckoning IS at hand.

I want to take this opportunity to announce the launch of the NEXT BIG THING. Once again, we will blaze the trail and set the tone for the upcoming Wednesday season with a brand new Signature handbag: The Red Woolen Bag.

Our production of these bags is in full swing, and we've allow some of our special clients access to them. Already I've received reports of widespread envy among the Horde commoners and some riots in Razor Hill due to the delayed release date. I want to assure both the Horde rabble as well as my premier clients that I will only be making these bags available to members of the elite Pox Arcanum so as to guarantee their exclusivity.

As with all better known and loved products, my handbag design will be copied and manufactured. While I cannot blame the lesser designers for failing to be original and for wanting to imitate the pinnacle of the fashion industry, I will just address this issue by reminding people to look for the "Made by Daxe" label. With that label, you get my personal guarantee of a quality handbag that can withstand the punishing storage demands of our select clientele, be it a stack of linen cloth or some malcontent's head.

In conclusion, this award validates the ORC! Your good fashion sense and recognition of superior quality have caused this Blood Elf to move slightly from my indifferent attitude to one of amusement. Bravo!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Posted this on my site and then remembered I should have posted it here. So here you go:

Poxic Bank tab is purchased but Wulfa reports that there are some authority issues and not everyone is able to access the tab. Not even to deposit. I plan to log on tonight and fix this as soon as possible.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Did you ladies get your tickets to the gun show?


(And by ladies, I am in no way excluding the men. Just calling them also ladies.)

Southsea Pirates - 3 stars

The Southsea Pirates

62,40 - along the coast south of Ratchett
The Barrens, Kalmidor, Azeroth

Ambiance: If you like brown, you will love the Barrens. The Southsea priates have chosen a more decorous location than say, some of the raptors or other indigenous livestock, having a nicie view of the ocean.

The decor is open, very spacious, and includes scenes involving pirate ships, pirate treasure chests, and some rather kitsch pup tents. I enjoyed the "scattered" look of the place very much, and I felt that the style really set off the area's cuisine. The Southsea area emphasis a wide variety of races, and if you don't want to be tied down to ONLY human or orcs, for example, you will find they have everything up to and including gnolls (a rare treat in Kalimdor)! The pirates wear fairly loose fitting clothing, so you don't have to deal with any extra utensils or tools for 'shelling' your meal.

The pirates themselves are nicely grouped, and do not require a lot of seeking on the diner's part. However, this reviewer did find himself having to chase down and de-leg several of the appetizers, as they do panic and run.

I recommend the following: Southsea Cutthroat and Brigand as starters - lightly crisped with an Immolation and possibly with a side of marinated Polly (cracker optional). For a main course, the Baron Longshore soaked in Corruption is a hearty meal and you may find yourself asking for a doggy bag toward the end of the repast. The Refreshing Spring Water goes well with the Baron, but I chose the Milk and was not disappointed in how it complimented the dish. If you can manage it, and it is in season, I highly recommend saving room for desert, and having Tazan with cheese.

Happy Hour Daily: 3pm-6pm and 9pm-close

Overall I would recommend the area for your dining pleasure, but recommend you bring the appropriate crew for slaying runners unless you are in the mood to chase.



Well, I'd been purposefully hovering around two bars till ten for the past week, as I ran around Eversong Woods looking for copper to level up mining and Jewelcrafting, and make lots of stuff for my Poxic guildies. Today, though, Wulfa recommended selling those Small Eggs on the AH (since I am MAJORLY poor!), so I killed a bunch of Dragonhawks and finally dinged 10.

I'm kind of worried now about getting accidental XP while doing other things. I was avoiding fights while mining before, but if I had to kill something it wasn't a huge deal. Now, especially with rested bonus, even one kill feels like too much. Harisan is currently sitting OUTSIDE Orgrimmar, to avoid getting any more rested bonus in case I get too far ahead by accident.

Next thing on the agenda is doing all the grey-level quests in Durotar so I can get my rep up and not have to pay full price in this part of the world. Stupid Horde... why can't you all get along like the Alliance? They start out Friendly with everyone.

(Sits and anticipates the /gkick coming for blasphemizing against the Horde...)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Abuto The Sneaky

...and apparently also The Slow, since I was the last Green Poxer to show up last night, being on the Left Coast and whatnot. Most everyone had scattered from Orgrimmar by the time I arrived.

I got a guild invitation almost instantaneously! (So good to feel wanted!) Then I needed a tabard! Fortunately, some of my auction items sold well so I scooted right over to buy one. (Okay, so I didn't exactly "scoot." I had to follow Elips and Fuller to find the shop.) Ooooo... the tabard is bee-yoo-tee-ful! It definitely accentuates my Trolly curves. Oompa! Here you can see for yourself.


abutoYou can thank Photoshop for the keen "stealth" picture on the right. Heh.

Laying Waste

Oh what can I say! We were killing machines all over Durotar and The Barrens. Mobs I wouldn't have considered trying for another 5 levels went down with ease in the wake of our massive output. We seemed to have no fear! It was so fun; I felt almost invincible. Again, I must give kudos to the two priests who had my back. I'm so used to being the healer and worrying about everyone else that it was refreshing to go commando and have confidence that my buddies would keep me alive.

I loved the Green group dynamics. It seems like Dammy's a natural leader. He was already using raid markers like skulls and diamonds! Raamah is my Tauren crush -- the strong, silent tank. (I'm a sucker for Tauren males, go figure.) Elips cracks me up and his minions make for a very nice additional tank or DPS party member. Wulfa is my fellow chica in a group of Horde studliness. First, I gotta say, Dax, you've definitely got competition in the HAWT department with Wulfa's BE. Whoo boy! And what she does with a smite will bring all the boys to the yard, as the Belfs like to say.

Anyway, the point is that so far, I love my teammates and my guildies! I hope they're patient as I learn this new melee, stealthy role.

Caster vs. Melee

I must say that all my other alts are casters of some sort, so it's taking me a while to realize that my job as a rogue is to just run the heck in there and start with the "stabby stabby," as Dax puts it. My brain keeps thinking of how to "pull" the bad-guys, and then while I'm watching our tank, Raamah, rush in and whack things, I realize, "GOSH! I'd better get in there and start slicing!"

It's taking some getting used to, also, to running around the back of the tank's target to get some nice juicy Backstabs in. Heh. I guess just like the Blood Elf is getting to Dax, and the Warlock is affecting Elips, my little roguish evilness is also starting to shine through.

I think I'm going to spec Subtlety since we are always going to function as a group. If I were leveling alone, I think I'd go for Combat, but the Subtlety tree looks like a LOT of fun and it will definitely make for a unique addition to the team.

Winding Up The Evening

The little orclette (is she an Elflette on Anvilmar?) aggro'd late in the night, poor doodle. I loved when Dammy said that Wulfa had to "tank" the orclette. Too cute. We all took this as a sign from Elune that we should call it a night. Way fun!!!

Crafting Reminder

Fellow guildies, please remember I'm a blacksmith. I know most of you cannot wear mail, but I also make daggers, maces, axes, and things to sharpen pointy weapons or ensmacken blunt weapons. Please feel free to hit me up for something -- don't even have to need, just want!

Orange Raptor

Fuller and I were yakking away at each other last night and talking about the different mounts we would like to have. Personally, I have no love for the turkeys of the Belfs. They just don't toss out INTIMIDATION, instead it looks like they should be pitied.

To this end, heh, I'm going back to level 1! Well, not really. Just the low level Orc/Troll areas to try and grind some rep, a little gold and some fun without having to level...heh.

I was wondering if the Poxers thought it would be cool to all try and get the same type of mount (Varied colors) or just stick to what each individual likes. Still, can you imagine a group of twenty Poxers of varied races sitting atop the same type of mount? Overlooking the battleground of WSG? LOL What a hoot!

I'll have some thing more intelligent to add at some other time, I swear! For now, bask in the silliness!

A couple of thoughts. Rambly but trying to make a point.

First let me say that last night was awesome. I had tons of fun and will be posting a complete post on it tomorrow I think.

I wanted to clarify something I had noticed some confusion on. Several* people have wanted to join and then expressed confusion/worry about the availability they see on the spreadsheet. The prevaling** concern seems to be that they are not able to play at the same time the rest of us poxers are able to play.

This is a missconception. Each group is its own entity to a large extent. We created the guild so that our little groups could pool resources and share a communal chat channel. But the toons will really only party with the toons in their group(unless we schedule a guild raid or something of the sort). So if you can get four other people who like our expiriment and who play at the same time as you.... yer in. We'll name you a color and a pox and drape you in our colors and yer off to the races.

Or... if you can't commit to partying but you want to come play? We can set you up as a visiting pox and you can chat with us(just please try to stay roughly the same level as the other groups or below their level ... no level 70 visitors)***

So for example... yellow group(pike/trollin/TJ) are still needing two other like minded individuals to play with them. If they get three then someone will drop into uhm... charteuse group and will be looking for four others and yellow will be full. Yellow will play together at whatever time yellow wants to.

Also, if your schedule does change... or someone realizes that a different group has a playtime that fits them better...well we can swap the groups around a bit if we need to.

Hopefully this is helpful.****


*Several could mean just one. My memory as always is crappy.
**Prevaling means what several means.
***At the time of this writing I believe the group concensous(spelling?) is that we don't accept outside gold and no level 70 running us through instances.
****Everything above is suggestions and interpretations based on what I've read in our google group. If the majority objects things will change.

some first night pictures

Hi, everybody! Waradwenne here, sharing my favorite screenshots from our first official nights as Pox Arcanum.

Dancing and joking around, waiting for everybody to show up.


My best group shot.


A proud Purple Poxer (Poxette?):


Well, well, well....

I finally figured out where the blog was....yeah, you thought you'd hide it right under my nose, eh!

So, last night was FUN!! It was cool seeing almost everyone on, and welcome Black Pox! Soon, we'll have the Bazran Red Pox and Chicano White Pox! Wooot!

Unfortunately, due to connection issues, the Purple Poxers were not able to run around together, but hopefully we'll all be able to meet up later on in the week. Let me know if you Purple Poxers are interested in that.

What I'm really curious about is the adventures of the Green Poxed! How'd it go??? Did your raid on Stormwind go well? Are the inhabitants of Iron Forge still alive? Did Dammy get taken out by an orclette CRIT????? Inquiring minds would like to know.