Friday, June 6, 2008

Pox Arcanum Roster

Purple Poxers
Harisan, prot pally tank, played by Nasirah
Madja, feral druid, played by the Divine Ms. Ess
Salindiar, fire mage, played by Mr. Ess
Waradwenne, mixed-up warlock, played by Waradwen
Daxe, holy/monkey priest, played by Dax

Green Poxed
Trifendolden, feral druid tank
Wulfa, shadow priest
Abuto, stabby assassination rogue
Kitzen, OP hunter
Raaski, resto shaman

Yellow Poxless
Lazztentious, protection warrior, played by Lazz
, frost mage, played by Rabbit
, elemental shaman, played by Rymes
Blackmyst, feral druid
Demotail, priest

Black Pox
Czanthar, multitalented healing/tanking paladin
Onethumb, DPS warrior
Ravencaw, OP hunter
Nakturne, frost mage
Tazbutane, resto druid

Blue Poxtacular
Unrepentant, prot paladin
Zulender, warlock
Raventalon, stabby rogue
Nakbar, elemental shaman
Forsythe, holy/disc priest

Druid Pox
Ravensnow, feral druid
Hattana, feral druid
Beuford, balance druid
Nokabout, balance druid
Ymarra, resto druid

Plaid Pox
Bucnuts, feral druid
Meepit, frost mage
Nevolence, elemental shaman
Caitles, retribution paladin
Vizzerdrix, disc/holy priest

White Poxomatic
Melain, protection paladin
Fikkle, frost mage
Othar, OP hunter
Nymea, retribution paladin
Jaheal, "pulling your butts out of the fire" priest

Puppet, protection warrior
Kuroyume, feral druid
Apis, restoration shaman

N.B. This is the roster as of 10:35 Eastern on 6/6/08. This is not meant to replace the spreadsheet, just to make it easier for others (me, mostly) to see who the groups are.

For the sake of simplicity, I've left out the visiting poxers (although we love you!), but I'm sure I've missed somebody. It's my fault, and it's not a sign that you're any less important than anybody else. You are a beautiful and unique snowflake. :-D

For those of you Poxers with blog access, please feel free to update this as needed. For those of you without, umm...pester Abuto, I think. I think she's the one who knows how to do all this fun and groovy collaborative stuff.


Razorbax said...

Are you Guys still Active with this? Beld and Myself are thinking of joining in on the fun times;)


PS. Are you Multi-boxing Friendly?;)

Anonymous said...

L hear alot of good things about the pox. Fikkle speaks very highly of white pox. It's great to hear about things like this from time to time. If life wasn't as busy as it was, I might even throw myself out into the mix, but alas, life is busy. Have fun with it, I'll keep reading about all the pox parades!
~Sylus A.K.A. Alg the Devil

Anonymous said...

I have to say "Goldipox" is by far the best pox name to date!

The Plaid Poxers are meeting tonight...woooooot!

deege said...

I would be interested in becoming a part of this and forming a new team (if new teams are still forming) - I can't add myself to the spreadsheet though because it is read only. Are you still accepting new members?

Reddog said...

Roster Changes: ( I don't know how to make them myself)
Scratch Onethumb
Add: Vulgarity,DPS Shaman
Scratch Zulander, Forsythe
Add: Alkas, DPS Mage
Scratch Kuroyume
Add:Wyntersraven, DPS Mage
Nakabout, DPS Druid
Vanderbelf, Healing Priest
To be named, DPS Hunter