Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Black and Blue ALL over...

As in, in pain.

Wow we certainly did get a response did we not? I thank all of those that went ahead and signed up and I promise that a fun time is to be had by all. I'm sitting at level 12 on purpose...to wait for the rest of the group. I might hit the lucky 13 mark just so I am RFC ready but otherwise I'll be culling mats for pots for the guild itself.

Also I got antsy last night and built a Rogue, Lubacca. Please add him to your friends as he is going to need an invite and he'll be my "I don't want to deal with my OTHER guild" toon.

Since he's an alt....can he just be leveled or do I have to be good and stay within shouting distance of the guild? LoL Questions! Questions! Questions!

Be there tomorrow!


Dammerung said...

Not sure on this but I'm partially under the impression that we were not doing alts. Banker alts yes... playing alts no.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Dammerung. The whole point behind Ess's experiment (and those of us in from the beginning agree) that we shouldn't be leveling alts. You can do that anywhere any time. This guild is only for our anti-pug experiment. You can pick which toon you'd like to join with, or join with two toons in two SEPARATE color groups, but we aren't leveling for the sake of leveling.

Also, just so everyone knows. With a group of 5, you can maul RFC with level 10s and 11s -- as Green, Purple, and Yellow did. No need to overlevel for it.

Harisan said...

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't yellow actually 4-man RFC at around level 11-12?

Science said...

Scaryscience was leveled to 15 by accident (wanted to catch up and didn't realize there were going to be additional groups). I still have all the quests in RFC and would love to do them - see ya'll tonight.