Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lessons from Shadowfang Keep for Newb Rogue

Gah! I keep forgetting to post my write-ups here instead of my own blog. Here's an animated gif, at least.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Guild Event/Meet-up/Par-tay (soon?)

As an extension of Harisan's sentiments in the last post...

The team playtimes don't overlap much, so some of us only cross paths in gchat when we're dropping in for AH checks and stuff like that.  I loves me my purples peeps, of course, but I'd like to hang out with and get to know some of the other teams, too!  Shall we have a guild get together in game?  

If so, any ideas of fun stuff we could do?

One possibility is the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. We all do a bit of fishing when our teams aren't on, it seems, so this would be a nice chance to pick up some fishing goodies, enjoy some guild chat, and impress the other Anvilmar players with our lures and jigs. We'll have large aggro radii in that zone right now, so it may be worth partnering up and sharing pools just in case the crocs are hungry.  :)

I would totally love the lucky fishing hat. I know Daxe has the pattern for blue overalls, too, so we could fish in style!

Return of the Purple Poxers

Okay, we didn't really go anywhere, but this blog has seemed kinda dead lately, everyone just writes their own stuff on their own blogs.

Anyway, I just felt like announcing that we totally pwned Shadowfang Keep last night. And I'm not one who usually uses the word (if you can call it a word) "pwn," but there's really no other way to describe it, at least not without using some degree of profanity.

I'll attribute it to two main things. Well three. That extra one is simply that we're just that awesome.

The other two things that helped were me finally getting Consecration (enabled us to fly through without marking and planning each pull beforehand), and that we're geared and leveled from WC. We all started the night at lvl 21, which is at the top end of the suggested level range for SFK. But... the fact that we flew through there three times in three hours, I still think is pretty cool.

So what have all the other groups been up to? Has yellow had any more comic-worthy outings? I know there are newer groups being formed, have any of them met yet? Had some RFC action? It's so cool that the guild is catching on, but we've had so many new people join I feel like I don't know what's going on with anyone anymore, it's so much to keep up with.

Anyways, hope everyone else is having lots of success, I just wanted to share a little about all the fun we had last night.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I need to read comments over here more often. I usually just glance at it through a reader ;p.

So what happened to my last post here was I meant to post on my blog... I was on my dashboard and clicked on new post... wrote a long post up and clicked view post and woah! It was on the wrong one :P.

Still though.. it was an excellent post and I'm glad I wrote such an awesome piece and all the little, little, very little, not as big as me people who helped get me here I have to thank :p.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bah bah bah

So uhm..... oops.

Wrong blog ;P

Is Yellow from Nantucket?

There was a group from the Horde
Going to the Caverns for reward
But Lazz’ computer
Needed a trouble shooter
And Rabbit laid down and snored

At Crossroads, we waited
While Lazz’ puter updated
Fuller dueled some punk
to show ‘em he was just junk
till all five us was reinstated

Hey wait we’re ready?
Let’s go go already
So off we ran
To WC with a plan
To make the mobs very deady

Demo had to go
take a call from we don’t know
the rest of us stayed
in the WC crusade
and brought more turtles to woe

And to end this lil ditty
I got a new dress that was pretty
From a mob
It was robbed
And I’m a mage who’s quite witty

Pox Arcanum Official Announcement: Time to Put On the Kitty

(Because at heart we are NOT warriors but fuzzy lil kittens....and because secretly we all love pink....)

Following the groundbreaking announcement from WoWInsider, Pox Arcanum has searched its soul and decided that it too is abandoning the rough and tumble aspect of World of Warcraft. We have a softer gentler side and we want to express it. Pox Arcanum will soon be renamed Putting On the Kitty.

Hello puddy-tats! Just a couple gentle reminders:

1. Please bring your own milk and friskies to group instances. Can't depend on your mage to conjure them.

2. All hunter pets need to wear the following outfit (team spirit ftk! FtK? For the Kitty!!)

3. Tanks (otherwise known as "cute white kittens with claws"), we'd really like to see you going after the following armor set:

4. Fur balls should be used sparingly. Yes they are effective but too many are just gross.

5. Remember to let your main tank hiss. Everyone can't hiss and arch their backs...this pulls way to much aggro.

6. Try to purr often at your healer, they work hard.

7. Yes, we know that the Barrens is one big sun patch. But post one kitty as guard while the rest of you cat nap. Don't want to be taken unawares.

That's all for now...see you soon round the milk bowl. And FtK!!