Thursday, March 6, 2008

And Just like that....

I might not be alone anymore!

Went onto Incendio last night and leveled her to 12. I was impressed to see ten members of the Pox on at the same time, both groups cleared RFC with relative ease.

I managed to get my faction favor up to friendly with the Trolls so that mount is looking closer and closer.

However the highlight has been that the call for more Pox has been answered by several people and I have to thank anyone that answered the call for more players to hang out with this black sheep!

To the Pox!

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Ferrusmanus said...

Well, I've answered, but I don't actually have a character on Anvilmar yet... waiting for you guys to let me know what class(es?) you need more of :3

I don't have a particular favorite, so for example if you are usually short on tanks I'll make a warrior or pally, etc.