Thursday, March 20, 2008

Farewell, Goodbye, Au revoir, Hasta la vista

I am super sad to leave the Pox behind me, but I thought I'd share my experience in this experiment.

WoW is an amazingly diverse game, in terms of its offerings for both the dedicated and casual player. I played with the Green pox for a handful of hours each week, one day each week, and at the end of it, I could look back and point at milestones in the game, itself that were meaningful to me.

The game does a great job of allowing you to accomplish as much as you can, in whatever chunks of time you have to give. During the last two weeks of Pox running, I asked myself "If this were all I did in WoW, would I still pay $15 a month for it" and surprised myself with a resounding


Naturally, a great deal of the fun to be had in a game like WoW is the social aspect - and the Poxers are a great bunch of folks; but even that aside, any casual gamer should be able to enjoy themselves by playing just a few hours a week, even if they solo!

Learning new personalities, how to deal with them and get along with them, is always tricky for me; and Green Pox was no exception. Much of my difficulty can be squarely attributed to my own strange sense of humor and social awkwardness, but after being in a 'close knit' guild of a hundred or so people for the last few years, it was refreshing to be tickled with the problems of a 5 person community, and see each poxer come to life as they discovered their niches in our micro-pack.

It was exciting to see scheduling, forming agendas, formulating strategies to suite our play styles and the constant give and take of any team game boiled down to its bare essentials (or was that bear essentials?).

On the whole, I will remember my part of the Pox experiment with fondness as I continue my virtual life in WoW, and my only regret is that I don't have the time to continue conquering Azeroth with my new friends.

Auf Wiedersehen!


Anonymous said...

Aw, Elips, what a wonderful post. We always loved your sense of humor! We may get a new DPS partner, but we'll never get another Elips... *hugs*

Rabbit Stew said...

/wave....lovely post'll be missed