Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ragefire Chasm: Yellow's living room

ORGRIMMAR--Offense carried the Yellow Poxless to a decisive victory against the Ragefire Chasms Tuesday night. The Yellow Poxless started this game with a surprising injury: their star healer, Demotail, was benched for the night. However, Yellow was not daunted but decided to win this one, "for the Tail!" Also exciting was an infusion of young talent: Fuller and Blackmyst were recuited mid-season and were first seen out on the playing field Tuesday.

The line-up: Lazz as main tank, Blackmyst as off-tank/off-healer, Fuller as healer/CC and Rabbit as CC/DPS. The Ragefire Chasms did not take their opponents seriously. They first sent their bench-sitters out against the Yellows: snakes, elementals, troggs. The bench-sitters were soon convinced that they should have sat this game out.

The varsity team initially shook the Yellows. Knocked 'em out. Time-out was called and the coach asked the Yellows if they remembered why they were out there? Did they want to be called Yella or YELLOW!!?? The team came out ready to avenge the wipe and did so with gusto:

The next serious competition for the Yellows was a ringer: some steriod-using monster called the Hungerer. He had a nasty upper cut. Lazz and Blackmyst both took one directly on the chin. But the Hungerer was a one-note, over-muscled wonder. Down he went and the Yellow offense pushed forward:
The Ragefire Chasms defense prepared to dig in and stop the momentum of the Yellows. As the two teams faced each other, there was quite a bit of smack talk from the Ragefires. Fuller, the Yellow's Shaman, says "Oh yeah, they called me 'puke green', my girl Rabbit 'a bag of bones' and my two boys, Blackmyst and Lazz ,"a bunch of punk-a$$ teddy bears." We stuffed those words right back down their throats""
The final quarter proved that the Ragefires just didn't have the energy or commitment to finish the game. The Yellows steamrolled over the team:
The pundits had said that Ballazan would prove troublesome to the Yellows. The Yellows replied with a resounding "Ballazan does our dishes!"

Final Score: Yellow Poxless Wins, Ragefire Chasm Cleared

(*the Mechanical Squirrels, the Yellow Poxless cheerleading team, would like to ask that the fans stop objectifying them. "Stop staring at our tails. Yes, we are cute. Yes, we are fuzzy. Now get over it! We are here to cheer, not for you to leer!")


Sellia said...

LOL !!!
Rabbit, you're a wonder ! :)


Dammerung said...

Loved this write up. Had me grinning the entire time.

Beowulfa said...

This was awesome. Great write-up!

Lazz said...

Ballazan does our dishes!

haha. That pretty much sums it up for me. Fantastic job, as always, Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Dishes! Dancing bears! Teddy-boys! Squirrels! Seriously, it does NOT get much better than this.