Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fuller's Old Man Instance List

I'm gettin' to be an old Orc*. My beard's got more gray than a vendor-trash item. So when we headed on our trip to the Ragefire Chasm the other night, there were a few things I forgot to do first. I thought I'd make a list to help me remember.

  • Unload. My pockets were never full-ta-bursting, but I realized I was runnin' the whole instance with my Strong Fishing Pole in my bag. That's just not what an efficient Orc does. Any unnecessary stuff can go in the bank.
  • Gear up. With Demotail callin' in sick (maybe that Troll Voodoo's not always good for what ails ya), I was on healing duty that night. I realize that, at level 12, there's not alot of great +int gear, but if I'm in charge of keeping the group alive, I need to be in my best.
  • Be enchanting. Or enchanted. Whatever. Same thing with the gear, I need to make sure I have the best enchants before I go on another trip like that.
  • Bring snacks. Trips like this make an Orc hungry. And there's nothing I like better than some Smoked Sagefish, for all my mana buffs. This is something I managed not to forget; I'll try to keep it that way.
  • Bring drinks. I completely forgot to bring my umpteen stacks of potions with me. Probably would have helped on those times when I went out of mana.
  • Keep it under wraps. I did bring Bandages, though. Could have spent a little time in upgrading my First Aid skill, for better bandages, but there were times where I was grateful I even had the ones I did.
  • Moral Support. Deadrabbit had this on lock. Those squirrels ain't edible, but they make up for it in fun.

Anyways, I thought that if I wrote it down, it'd help me to remember for next time.

*Shawn, who plays Fuller, is not old. Unless you're his 6-year-old sister. Then he's "Ooooooold".


Rabbit Stew said...


Old Man Fuller, you got some wisdom in ya. Thanks for the list.

But just so you know...the squirrels are just have to chew real hard for a long time.

Dammerung said...

But what about the lavafish! Surely there are lavafish!
That you could fish!
Poor fishing pole.