Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Color me...what?

Due to unforeseen circumstances I'd been unable to participate in any type of poxie games and when I come back I find out that Black....well Black's gone.

So, where do I turn?




Beowulfa said...

oh dear .... don't worry, we'll find you a spot.

Dammerung said...

Yeah we'll get you grouped don't worry.

Ferrusmanus said...

Greetings, famous WoW blogger peoples! This is only my second comment on a WoW blog (I have none such myself, but read several), so I feel as nervous as an Undead Rogue at a Paladin's Association Meeting, but I hope you all won't be too hard on me :)

I happen to have a shortage of horde characters at the moment, and thought that it would be awesome to join such an exalted company as Pox Arcanum, but there's just one small problem with that plan. My main character is in a Kara-level guild with a somewhat strict schedule, so more than half of my weeknights will be taken up with raids. Ergo, if I rolled an alt on your server, I wouldn't be able to play as it a whole lot :(

So, if you've got room for an experienced, often-busy, somewhat-OCD gamer, just let me know what class(es) you need :D

Game Dame said...

Okay so by my count we have 5 folks who could fit into a group with Incendio:

- Ferrusmanus,
- Lady Jess,
- mike /at/,
- tazbutane /at/ sbcglobal dot net,
- wau /at/ gmail . com

So now we need 4 more people to fill out the red group! LOL...

Daxenos said...

As usual, I'm late to the party. So, it looks like we're getting more groups going! Great!

Daxe will be thrilled to have more Poxics running around with her Signature Series Clothes and Handbags, as well as shiny accessories!

Rabbit Stew said...

Daxe dear,

The party doesn't start to you arrive, no?

Plus if we had told our new recruits straight off that they'd be outfitted in "Daxe 5th Avenue" there might have been a stampede to our door....had to keep that bit of info on the down low.

Dammerung said...

Btw: its "Sonofwau"

not Wau

Anonymous said...

Yikes, good catch, Daxe! Apologies to sonofwau!

Stale said...

Rolled a character on the server :)

Check my blog for more details of how its going.

Name: Staleshot
Class: Hunter
Playtime: Depends on when you want, unless its my sleep time :)

Will pst someone for an invite when I get to lvl 10+

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Finally a hunter!