Friday, March 14, 2008

Yellow Pox makes the Caverns Wail

Howdy folks,

Yellow Pox tried out Wailing Caverns for the first time this past Thursday night. And because I promised, there is a comic (more on that later). But first....

I'd like to humbly thank my fellow Yellows for helping this noob out. I love the game but I haven't got all the details shmetails down yet. Demo kindly let me know that laying down a mute magic against raptors when she was trying to heal was not the most efficient use of mana on my part (/facepalm) And Lazz, in his gentle way, told me that maybe I'd like to hold off on the fireballs until after he'd gotten some aggro on the mob. that why they come running at me???

And second....oh gosh, we had the coolest fight and I'm not sure I can do it justice. But here goes....

We were on a path in WC. Killing a raptor here, laying a smack down on Druid of the Fang there. Easy peasy. And then as we rounded a curve, two raptors started running towards us. We fought them. A third came running up. What???? We battle it. Then a crocodile comes up the path at us. are we aggroing this crowd of WC pain? No clue. Lots of "what the f?" in party chat. There may have been one more raptor that snuck into the mix. But we battled hard. Fuller went down. Blackmyst went down. Lazz went down. But we didn't all die. And at the end, Demo was there to rez and we had a pile of dead raptors and crocodiles at our feet.

The post-battle picture:

The post-battle conversation:

And since, Daxe has led the way towards blog plugging: here's the next Yellow Pox comic.

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Anonymous said...

"I Haz a Sheep"!!! OMG, rofl... love it.