Thursday, February 28, 2008

Purple (PWNING) Poxers

Last night, after chomping through several bits, bridles, and small children, the Purple Poxers finally got together to start the Grand Experiment.

We gathered around the entrance to the Orgrimmar bank and were so excited.....we stood there.

"Whadda wanna do?"
"IDK, whadda u wanna do?"

Well, Daxe, who has a hard time sitting still when she's dead, finally took control of the group and started barking out orders.

"Wara, share those quests!"
"Anyone else have quests to share for RFC?"
"Harisan, those ca pries look fabulous!"

After a slue of quest sharing, we headed out to take care of some misguided sailors and marines just south of Razor Hill. These poor Alliance lackeys must have done something very bad to get this post, but we couldn't be bothered with such empathies...we had a job to do. Short story: We're all level 10. They're levels 6-7. This is soloable. We had 5 people. Pwnage to the ninth degree.

Uh, ok, finished quests and moved on to Quillboars. Second verse, same as the first. Only the levels were one higher...LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Turned in quests and headed to Crossroads. Ah, Barrens do I miss thee.
[1. General] [Chuck Norris]: How about a roundhouse kick to the head!!

On the way, we saw a pretty Zhevra that was level 12. Ooooo, let's kill it, was MY first reaction. So, Harisan tanked, and we spanked! Pwnage again.

Got the flight point at the Crossroads and headed down to Camp T and beyond for Madja's class quest. On the way, we saw a fierce Raptor. Level 14, this one was (red to a lvl 10).

"Hey, let's kill it!", giggled the priest. And, dutifully, Harisan made her way over to the skull I marked. This fight was a little more difficult in that I had to throw out one Lesser Heal in addition to keeping a Renew on her. Pwnage in their general direction!

Level 15 Hyena? Sure, let's eat it! It was during this fight that a very sad thing happened....I died. The fashion world was rocked to the core and held it's breath until I rezzed. And then breathed a collective sigh of relief at my choice to continue to provide high quality tailoring and accessorizing items to the world.

The hyena wasn't the problem, the centaur and two puppies that added were fatal to me. Thankfully, the group was able to dispatch the smelly things with me marking while dead. So, mostly Pwnage, with a side dish of peas (canned ones!).

After rebuffs, we continued on our merry way to Camp T, when the plucky priest espied a level 18 raptor. It took little convincing to get Harisan to take on this meanie. This fight was more difficult than the previous fights and different people drew aggro off her, but...we did it! Pwnage to the 25.6th degree.

I just noticed how long this post is...crap! FFW------>TB, Druid Bear Quest, lvl 20 Thunder Lizard = pwnage, Pwnage, PWNAGE!!!

And off to Org, run around, go into RFC just for a couple of pulls. pant, pant, pant. RFC, a mix of lvl 11's and 12's. Sounds like a wipefest. But after the first pull (lvl 13 elite) we knew we could totally do this! We proceeded to clear through the first large area with multiple mob pulls before I had to get to bed. We were downing lvl 15 elites and taking on three pulls of elites ranging from 13-15. I do believe next time we play, we'll be taking on the instance in its entirety.



Dammerung said...

Yay purple!

The google discussions aren't working for me right now but I was going to ask where the rest of the stories were :P...and then DING I see a daxe.

Daxenos said...

Yep, now for the lazy post on my site! wooot for me!

Anonymous said...

I did think it was pretty funny that after finally getting together, we spent about 2 minutes just standing there like, "What do we do?" Heheh...

Rabbit Stew said...

My favorite line:

"So, Harisan tanked, and we spanked!"

gotta love internal alliteration.

And I'm going to echo Damm,

"yay purple" huzzah!! /throws confetti