Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh hey no one has posted yet.

This post was edited to be more respectible. If you can edit this post and you know of more links please feel free to add them.

So here are the posts that started it all:

The basics:

The reaction:

Some details:

The spreadsheet:


Bruthah said...

Nifty, I was hoping for something like this. Keeping track of all the different goings-on was getting tricky. :)

Trollin' said...

Is it possible for people to get in on this late?

Dammerung said...

Trollin thats a deffinite yes.

Trollin' said...

That was like 10 minutes... awesome.

How would I go about doing that?

Dammerung said...

First go look at the spreadsheet to see what times yellow and black groups have available.

Second create a toon on anvilmar and ask for a guild invite and ask all further questions there for live tech support :P