Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First night out and painting the town Yellow

All right I'll give the re-cap the old college try:

The Yellow Poxers all arrived at Org 'bout six o' clock. Daxe, champion of the fashion challenged, rushed in to help Demotail. He said, and I quote, "oh good lord, you bought your clothes at WALMART." You could hear the horror in his voice. He had to be comforted. But he put Demo on a stool, took some measurements and had her looking flash in no time.

Laxx had gathered a piddling amount of quests to share. I kid. The boy had about twenty quests saved up. He was like a quest vending machine. Took about 5 minutes just to share them all. And more kudos for Laxx, the aggro-holding bear. I had never used the internal voice thing-a-ma-bob (that is the technical term for it, btw). But he kindly walked me though the process. Demo could tell that Laxx had a Canadian accent. I heard "bzzzzz.....Okay, let's...bzzzzz....go" (I didn't know that dialect of Canadian /shrug).

Before questing, Demo needed to "put a pill in a cat." I'm not sure if that is slang for something or some sort of arcane "tax season" phrase. But the pill was shoved in the kitty and we were good to go.

EDIT: It just occured to me: Was BRK the cat in question? Oh noes, I hope he took that pill without directing "massive quantities of sustained, ranged DPS" at TJ. Demotail, here's a helpful video for next time.

Our first quest was right outside Orgrimmar:
Hidden Enemies. This involved going into a cave and killing a bunch of orcs. So we wuz ready. Primed. We stepped in. We killed our first orc warlock. I tried to sheep the minion. Denied! Next orc warlock, I sheeped the warlock. Laxx clawed the purple petunia to shreds. Demo was a tall drink of healing priestly awesomness (um 100% awesomeness I've been told to relay). And then it happened. I tripped. My arms and legs went flailing. I fell backwards into a small pool. Yup. And then to add insult to injury, trying to jump back up to the ledge, I pulled some major aggro and wiped our group. First wipe, woot!

But I'm going to stand tall: there is now a signature move in the Yellow Poxers. When Laxx and Demo nearly fell off a ledge later on, they called it "pulling a Rabbit." I'm so *proud*!! (I will say in my defense, that as an undead, the joints are not connected real well...there's some rotting of ligaments...just saying, makes for some shaky footing).

Post-tripping and wiping, I had a kitchen sink pipe spring a leak. Here's how you know that you might be a wow addict. I actually considered letting the kitchen flood and keep on playing. I gave into reason though (which I might need to clarify: I logged off and fixed the leak. I promise: that was the reasonable thing to do).

Laxx and Demo two-manned the cave with style. When I came back from my plumbing emergency, it took awhile for all three of us to get the
Lieutenant's Insignia. By that point though we had a system and were cutting through mobs like a hot knife through butter. Sheep the warlock, kill the minion, healz....rinse and repeat. When everyone had an insignia, we called it a night.

Good Night Org....sleep better knowing that the Yellow Poxers were keeping the beasties at bay.

Edit: Laxx has a re-cap. Cool, let's see if our stories match up :-)


Lazz said...

oooh! You're is the much better account. I especially like all the nice things you say about me.

Three cheers for Rabbit, chronicaler of all things Yellow!

Anonymous said...

An excellent and amusing recap! Yay the Yellow! We greens are up next tonight...

Dammerung said...

I loves it! Very entertaining. Dammy loves it too but he had orclette aggro all morning and she was expecially mean, pulling out moves like "pull hair" and "pinch of death".

Daxenos said...

Luckily, I was able to help you out so that your skills got used to kill the mobs rather than acute fashion tackiness!

I can't wait for tonight so the Purple Poxers can get going!!


Rabbit Stew said...

@ Lazz: aw shucks...thanks Lazz. But it ain't true. Your post is great. I especially like your general tendency to analyze "how I did it, what I can do better." And the list of "here's what I learned" was both informative and funny.