Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Did this while idly waiting for people to actually answer their phone at work. For our four current poxes.


Daxenos said...

As a member of the fashion elite, I must refrain from starting mass hysteria by commenting on anything that even resembles a trend, fad, or an accessory.

That said, I'm mildly indifferent to this so called piece. The green portion is appropriately abstracted into a screaming poxed guildie, and the yellow, as well as the black, pox squares, while visually vile, convey a certain Quid Pro Quo.

My main issue is the Purple area is not given the preeminent position, namely the center, of the diagram. Artwork and dead squirrels aside, a much more appealing display would have the Purple portion in the center with the remainder of the colors (red and chartreuse, I believe) in the background as accentuating positions.

Of course, if Daxe were to be moved to another team, I'm sure that one would critique the piece in a different manner.

All Latin aside, I have acquired the rights for future exploitation in the Orgrimmar Auction House.

Long live the Purple Poxers!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to whether there is significance in the symbols chosen?

Lazz said...

The yellow one's the nicest. I'm honored that you'd choose to symbolize our group with an abstract portrait of my dashing, bear self.

Five Stars!

Dammerung said...

The symbols were drawn at random from the chaos in my head.

There is no meaning neccesarily to them but I did assign yellow the circle because it was vaguely sun like.

Bruthah said...

I feel there should be more dots, overall.