Friday, February 29, 2008

Who you callin' Yellow?

Who you callin' Yellow? Why Demotail, Lazz and DeadRabbit of course!!!

Yella to the core, people, to the core!!

All right, so here's the skinny on last night: we gathered in Orgrimmar at 6:30. And TJ was not only ready to go, she was RARING to go.

"Okay, let's move people...go, go, go!!!"

Needless to say, there was no lallygagging. Sergeant TJ had roused the troops and she wanted us battle-ready and pronto. Yes, ma'am!! While I was gathering a quest that TJ and Lazz already had, Lazz was downloading Skype and TJ was tapping her foot impatiently at the front of Org.

Honestly things moved so quickly, I'm not exactly sure what the names of the quests we did were. However, there's a bunch of harpies who were a little sloppy in their housekeeping. We took their bags and decimated them. That'll teach them to leave their valley messy. I have to admit: the *poof* of feathers when a harpy went down was pretty damn funny.

Speaking of housekeeping, I had just bought a new staff on the AH. It was about 15s but little did I know that I was buying a literal broom. I looked like the "surly charwoman come to clean up the Barrens"....
"what is that? A smudge on that rock???? grumble....messy whippersnappers." Not quite the imposing figure I wanted to cut. Oh well.

After that, we cut over to the Barrens. Where'd we go? People, I have no clue. Sergeant TJ kept us at a brisk march and the scenery was whipping by. However, we did get to hear a preview of the story hinted at here. Yup, Lazz and I know the story and you don't. Don't even try to pry it out of us: we are yellow!!

At some point, we were surrounded by quillboars. Actually that's not quite fair: we weren't actually "surrounded." We ran into their village and then decided to mess the place up. Kinda rude of us. And really, were they quillboars? I can't even say for was a bunch of bodies flying up in the air, dust, noise. Who knows? At some point in this stew, TJ was complained that we were too good (oh yes.../preen) and that she was just standing around. So Lazz gathered about 5 quillboars and a couple associated hunter's pets around him to stretch TJ's healing skillz. No worries folks: Lazz the aggro holding bear did not die.

What else? Lazz was praised for his vocabulary skills even though he had a penis. I was mocked for being 41 (I would have shown those two young'uns the backside of my hand...but my hip was acting up and my walker got stuck in a rock and I just couldn't catch 'em.....grumble....insolent kids!)

We went to turn in a quest at the Crossroads but the Alliance had killed the NPC. What to do? Dance, of course. Turned out to be a proper "rain dance" because up pops our NPC. Maybe he just wanted us to "please for the love of god, stop that horrible dancing!!!" /Shrug...He obviously didn't know good moves when he saw them.

Okay true confessions: at one point at the Crossroads, I was following the wrong Tauran around. I mean...come cow looks like another, right? /doh....but then I realized that the Tauran I was following had a very large turtle and Lazz is not a hunter. Oh noes. I apologized to Lazz but I don't think he's quite forgiven me. In fact, at one point, I was mining and he and TJ took off without me. I mean I've *apologized.* It was a need to leave me stranded in the desert. This is fair warning: do not diss the Lazz. He's suspiciously quiet about the whole matter in his post but I ain't buying that nonchalance. /grin

What else? oh, we killed a level 18 raptor no mess, no fuss.

EDIT: Silly Wabbit...a "z" is not an "x" wonder Lazz was ditching me...I was calling him Laxx /slap forehead a couple times


Lazz said...

Who you callin' a cow? I'm a strong, vigorous BEAR!

But good times, eh? Can't wait for Monday

Rabbit Stew said...

eep! cow in ya all

Dammerung said...


Anonymous said...

@Dammy: ROFL!

@Rabbit: great write-up! Makes me wish I'd have been there. We really oughta do a whole guild thing at some poing.

Rabbit Stew said...

@gamedame: just saw your comment. Great idea! We should a whole guild thing eventually. I mean before we are post-Kara and need 25-men groups.