Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Recriminations Leave No Room For Spelling

So I was very impressed with Thog-something-or-other and Biznar last night. They really rocked our world. Biznar was a mad dps machine with a healthy dose of pull-mobs-safely. He did this amazing solo pull where the skull was surrounded by 8 other highly agro mobs. Too bad he had to leave early after one particularly bad wipe. So Thogkldjflsk shows up to replace him... and yeah best OT I've ever had. He'd lock down his mob and keep him locked down until we had all the other elites burned down. We had him maintank the occasional level 16's while Raamah helped us speed burn down the level 13-14 ones. He(Thogwersedsds) was great. His friend Elips though needed to learn to pay more attention... all he did was dps and tell Thog what to do. Thog was doing fine without him thank you very much. But to avoid drama* I whispered Thog and told him that any time he wants to join Green Poxed he's in... we'll just boot Elips and be happy.

As for Abuto? I never saw her until Biznar left....then she shows up and starts pulling things. Granted she made a great puller and did a good job of not pulling more than we wanted but every fight she would dissapear and go stealth into the corner. Bad troll woman.

On a completely unrelated note every fight an odd debuff thing happened. As soon as Raamah had agro a flurry of blades and death ... would suddenly appear behind the mob. This was really helpful and I'm glad Blizz added this to make the instance go smoother.

Raamah did pretty good for a new tank. He held agro and kept me(the healer) safe. Too bad he needs to learn to stop dying. Seriously. The guy dies all the time. I was getting hurt a little and he ran up and pulled the mob off of me and while I'm sitting there deciding whether to use the healthstone or the mana potion first... he dies. He has so much to learn. Fortunately I decided to use the healthstone first as I still had about 60% mana and only had about 55% health at that point.

Oh and Wulfa? I'm the healer not you.. so stop healing the off tank..and the rogue...and the warlock. You are a shadow priest.. not a main priest(that would be me!)... use your wand or something... dps don't heal things!

I saved these things for the blog because I didn't want to tell them to their face how bad they were. I mean seriously ... we had to stop and regen after every other group of 3 level 15 elites. We were level 11 for goodness sake. Purple pox kills level 20's all the time at that level. /sigh Amatures.

If it wasn't for my awesomeness I don't know how I would survive.

Your welcome for the chance to listen to me,
Sumyerki the humble.

*Drama comes when you talk directly to the person causing the problem. The best way is to keep it to whispers behind their back and just 'hint' until they go away ;P


Now that he's done... I'd like to say that I had a TON of fun last night. We were able to work out the kinks and learn to work with little CC and lots of squishy. Wulfa has a cold and may not be posting for a bit but she told me she had a ton of fun as well. I wish I had a more specifics but last night the group rocked even with my mistakes on healing(Raa died 3 times... 2 times to GROSS healer neglect).

After the party ended I realized that I'm not using any of my normal buttons because I have DPS spells there... I will be dramaticly restructering what spells are on my bar. This should make healing more... instinctual.


Rabbit Stew said...

Dear Sumyerki the humble,

please accept my humble apologies for even deigning to be in your presence. however, while I'm here, I'll say quickly (so as not to distract you) that your write-up was awesome (not as awesome as you of course). /backs out of the room bowing

Congrats Guys...and thanks for the write-up Dam.

Anonymous said...

A most amusing recap... and quite accurate, I must say! FWIW, I thought you spelled Thog right every single time. That guy's hard to pin down. Although, I must say, I hadn't realized you were having some man-affair with him! HAWT!

Bruthah said...


I can't believe you people bought that whole "Look at me, how great am I" routine from Thog.

Let me tell you about Thog and Biznar. The last group Elips was in with Thog, he was sooo nice to everyone. Always taunting mobs off of people. Passing on loot, taking almost no experience away from anyone and then BAM, he ninja'ed the mount from Baron and hearthed.

And Biznar? Covered for him. "He says his internets are broke, and he will be right back."

The next day, Biznar claimed that Thog's account had been hacked, but I checked; transferred to Voidheart and changed his name to "Doomwalker" or some junk.

There was a strong rumor that Biznar and Thog were the SAME PLAYER because they were never on at the same time, and Biznar was always making excuses for Thog.

So I was really surprised to see him show up last night. Maybe he's changed, but I wouldn't count on it. Just a warning!

Dammerung said...

@Bruthah Thog told me he had to do the name change because Elips kept stalking him and telling him how to play :p

@GD I don't have one of those things. I'm strictly professional with Thog-the-awesome-spiffy-grea..

I gotta go.