Thursday, February 21, 2008

Abuto The Sneaky

...and apparently also The Slow, since I was the last Green Poxer to show up last night, being on the Left Coast and whatnot. Most everyone had scattered from Orgrimmar by the time I arrived.

I got a guild invitation almost instantaneously! (So good to feel wanted!) Then I needed a tabard! Fortunately, some of my auction items sold well so I scooted right over to buy one. (Okay, so I didn't exactly "scoot." I had to follow Elips and Fuller to find the shop.) Ooooo... the tabard is bee-yoo-tee-ful! It definitely accentuates my Trolly curves. Oompa! Here you can see for yourself.


abutoYou can thank Photoshop for the keen "stealth" picture on the right. Heh.

Laying Waste

Oh what can I say! We were killing machines all over Durotar and The Barrens. Mobs I wouldn't have considered trying for another 5 levels went down with ease in the wake of our massive output. We seemed to have no fear! It was so fun; I felt almost invincible. Again, I must give kudos to the two priests who had my back. I'm so used to being the healer and worrying about everyone else that it was refreshing to go commando and have confidence that my buddies would keep me alive.

I loved the Green group dynamics. It seems like Dammy's a natural leader. He was already using raid markers like skulls and diamonds! Raamah is my Tauren crush -- the strong, silent tank. (I'm a sucker for Tauren males, go figure.) Elips cracks me up and his minions make for a very nice additional tank or DPS party member. Wulfa is my fellow chica in a group of Horde studliness. First, I gotta say, Dax, you've definitely got competition in the HAWT department with Wulfa's BE. Whoo boy! And what she does with a smite will bring all the boys to the yard, as the Belfs like to say.

Anyway, the point is that so far, I love my teammates and my guildies! I hope they're patient as I learn this new melee, stealthy role.

Caster vs. Melee

I must say that all my other alts are casters of some sort, so it's taking me a while to realize that my job as a rogue is to just run the heck in there and start with the "stabby stabby," as Dax puts it. My brain keeps thinking of how to "pull" the bad-guys, and then while I'm watching our tank, Raamah, rush in and whack things, I realize, "GOSH! I'd better get in there and start slicing!"

It's taking some getting used to, also, to running around the back of the tank's target to get some nice juicy Backstabs in. Heh. I guess just like the Blood Elf is getting to Dax, and the Warlock is affecting Elips, my little roguish evilness is also starting to shine through.

I think I'm going to spec Subtlety since we are always going to function as a group. If I were leveling alone, I think I'd go for Combat, but the Subtlety tree looks like a LOT of fun and it will definitely make for a unique addition to the team.

Winding Up The Evening

The little orclette (is she an Elflette on Anvilmar?) aggro'd late in the night, poor doodle. I loved when Dammy said that Wulfa had to "tank" the orclette. Too cute. We all took this as a sign from Elune that we should call it a night. Way fun!!!

Crafting Reminder

Fellow guildies, please remember I'm a blacksmith. I know most of you cannot wear mail, but I also make daggers, maces, axes, and things to sharpen pointy weapons or ensmacken blunt weapons. Please feel free to hit me up for something -- don't even have to need, just want!


Link said...

What a great idea! I look forward to reading about the guild's adventures.

Dammerung said...


Orclette is Orclette always. If we're playing as the Badguys(Alliance) then she was just adopted.

Beowulfa said...

I know how you feel, leaving your native class. I'm usually a hunter so I'm finding myself trying to send my pet in there. Sitting back and casting and watching Dammy's health bar is a bit of adjustment as well. And I thought you were awesome, btw. Our group totally rocks! (And yeah,I can't seem to think of Orclette as an Elflette. She's Orclette.)

Anonymous said...

Oooh ooh. how DID you do that sneaky effect in photoshop?

- Asirae

Stale said...

Yea, don't spec sub... it will cause you to fail on damage compared to anyone as sub is lame to say the least... well after the first big ambush.

Reccommendation: Combat swords is great for leveling... especially past lvl 30 for blade flurry or Assassination/Sub for Daggers. (Get the first 5 points in Sub for the extra damage and then go all Assassination improving Backstabs and crit and all that jazz.

Anonymous said...

@Stale: Thanks for the tips! I like your idea about assassination/subtlety!

@Asirae: I copied the original image to a new layer. On the top layer, I made a selection around Abuto (I did it with Quick Mask, but your favorite selection method is fine). I deleted Abuto. Then I painted over the cutout area with a 50% opaque eraser, leaving the selection turned on (which is how you make the edges look funky). If you want it with no edges, then just fiddle with the curves on the bottom layer until Abuto fades out just like you want her to look (don't get the funky edges that way).