Thursday, February 21, 2008

A couple of thoughts. Rambly but trying to make a point.

First let me say that last night was awesome. I had tons of fun and will be posting a complete post on it tomorrow I think.

I wanted to clarify something I had noticed some confusion on. Several* people have wanted to join and then expressed confusion/worry about the availability they see on the spreadsheet. The prevaling** concern seems to be that they are not able to play at the same time the rest of us poxers are able to play.

This is a missconception. Each group is its own entity to a large extent. We created the guild so that our little groups could pool resources and share a communal chat channel. But the toons will really only party with the toons in their group(unless we schedule a guild raid or something of the sort). So if you can get four other people who like our expiriment and who play at the same time as you.... yer in. We'll name you a color and a pox and drape you in our colors and yer off to the races.

Or... if you can't commit to partying but you want to come play? We can set you up as a visiting pox and you can chat with us(just please try to stay roughly the same level as the other groups or below their level ... no level 70 visitors)***

So for example... yellow group(pike/trollin/TJ) are still needing two other like minded individuals to play with them. If they get three then someone will drop into uhm... charteuse group and will be looking for four others and yellow will be full. Yellow will play together at whatever time yellow wants to.

Also, if your schedule does change... or someone realizes that a different group has a playtime that fits them better...well we can swap the groups around a bit if we need to.

Hopefully this is helpful.****


*Several could mean just one. My memory as always is crappy.
**Prevaling means what several means.
***At the time of this writing I believe the group concensous(spelling?) is that we don't accept outside gold and no level 70 running us through instances.
****Everything above is suggestions and interpretations based on what I've read in our google group. If the majority objects things will change.


Ess said...

Awesome post all around!

Looks like the Yellow team may have a fourth, if the schedules overlap well enough. We seem to be collecting new folks at a good rate, so hopefully that team will be ready to roll shortly, too. :)

Lazz said...

I've been admiring the concept behind your guild from afar, and would love an opportunity to join you in your adventures.

It sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Pike said...

Trollin' and I have been talking, we're having a really hard time trying to fit me into a time slot because my previously cooperative work schedule has decided to redo things and I no longer have a set schedule at all, so I now cannot guarantee *any* times to play.

As such we are sort of sitting in the water, and I fear that I may have to become a permanent Visiting Pox who pops in when she has time =)

Dammerung said...

@Pike Awww. Well.. we can visitor you for now and then colorfie you later if work allows.

@Lazz Make a toon boss and give Ess or GD a google address and then give the spreadsheet an idea of times you can play. We're always glad to have new blood.