Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is Yellow from Nantucket?

There was a group from the Horde
Going to the Caverns for reward
But Lazz’ computer
Needed a trouble shooter
And Rabbit laid down and snored

At Crossroads, we waited
While Lazz’ puter updated
Fuller dueled some punk
to show ‘em he was just junk
till all five us was reinstated

Hey wait we’re ready?
Let’s go go already
So off we ran
To WC with a plan
To make the mobs very deady

Demo had to go
take a call from we don’t know
the rest of us stayed
in the WC crusade
and brought more turtles to woe

And to end this lil ditty
I got a new dress that was pretty
From a mob
It was robbed
And I’m a mage who’s quite witty


Lazz said...

Rabbit's new post is fantastic
She's witty and enthusiastic
I can't wait to see
What her next post will be
But I've no doubt it will be bombastic!

Tazbutane said...

Very well done!

Beowulfa said...

Lol this is awesome!