Friday, April 11, 2008

Guild Event/Meet-up/Par-tay (soon?)

As an extension of Harisan's sentiments in the last post...

The team playtimes don't overlap much, so some of us only cross paths in gchat when we're dropping in for AH checks and stuff like that.  I loves me my purples peeps, of course, but I'd like to hang out with and get to know some of the other teams, too!  Shall we have a guild get together in game?  

If so, any ideas of fun stuff we could do?

One possibility is the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. We all do a bit of fishing when our teams aren't on, it seems, so this would be a nice chance to pick up some fishing goodies, enjoy some guild chat, and impress the other Anvilmar players with our lures and jigs. We'll have large aggro radii in that zone right now, so it may be worth partnering up and sharing pools just in case the crocs are hungry.  :)

I would totally love the lucky fishing hat. I know Daxe has the pattern for blue overalls, too, so we could fish in style!


Rabbit Stew said...

brilliant. Love it. Let's do it.

/she says enthusiastically

Anonymous said...

How about we shoot for April 20th? This will give us some time to get the word out. (Plus, we're doing our taxes this afternoon. :P )

Lazz said...

I also noticed in the email group some discussion about a Poxic Running of the Bulls. /winkwinknudgenudge