Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alive and well

Wow, it looks like the weeds have really grown up around this poor blog. Well, I'm here to yank some of those little suckers, plant some annuals, and maybe even mulch. Someone else can cut the lawn.

Here's a quick update on the Purple Poxers (I encourage the other groups to write a similar post):

1. We are all level 33.

2. Our make up is:
Tank - Harisan, Pally
Heals - Daxe, Priest
DPS - Madja, Druid
DPS - Waradwenne, Warlock
DPS - Salindiar, Mage

3. We are currently leveling together by instancing, with necessary class quests done as ...uh... necessary.

4. Our current instance is Scarlet Monastery. We've destroyed the Graveyard and Library and have set our sights on the Armory and Razorfen Downs.

5. Our experience as a team has been a great time (as far as my perspective is). We have gelled into a formidable force and have been able to take down instances and mobs that are above our level. In fact, we were able to take down a mob that was a skull to us and were able to get half of the Library done at 29.

So, there's a nice little update. Greens? Yellas? Blues? Blacks? Whites? Ya'll wanna chime in?


Czanthar said...

I will post a Black Pox update. But first, could I (Czanthar - mike at nouhan dot net) get access to post.

Thanks, CZ

Tazbutane said...

Good idea Daxe!

Thanks for taking the lead for Black Pox Czanthar!